President Daniels issues statement on Atlanta shootings


I write to you today in response to the shootings in Atlanta.

While authorities are hesitant to call this a racially motivated hate crime, I want to acknowledge the uptick in verbal and physical violence against Asian Americans. We must agree these actions cannot be condoned. We cannot stand by or dismiss any act of such hatred and ignorance.

Six of those killed were women. These events are tragic in any instance, but now cast a shadow on our celebration of Women’s History Month.

Last Monday was International Women’s Day, a day we pay tribute to women from around the world who have made great social, cultural and political strides. We will continue to celebrate their achievements, and to remind ourselves of how far we still have to go in pursuit of racial and gender equity.

Thirty percent of our student body are people of color. We will continue to support racial equity and social action to ensure Madison College is welcoming and supportive of its students, faculty, staff and the communities we serve.

Respect of differences and fair treatment of all must be our ongoing mantra.

Dr. Jack E. Daniels, III
Madison College President