We're open: A statement from President Jack Daniels

Madison College President Jack Daniels

Madison College President Jack E. Daniels, III has this special message for students, faculty and staff. 

Let’s come back stronger

Return to campus. It fills my heart to use that phrase.

We understand how challenging the past year has been for you. We know COVID-19 may have derailed or postponed your college plans. And we are grateful you chose Madison College.

On campus or online, we are open

While COVID was undeniably hard, I believe it has made us stronger than ever. Our college community has been waiting for the time we can safely return to our campuses.

And that time is now. Madison College is fully open both on-campus and online. 

This fall we will provide multiple course format options to allow you ultimate flexibility in scheduling. We’re committed to keeping your college goals on track. Faculty and staff are excited to welcome more students back to our campuses for programs that require in-person, hands-on learning. The full array of student life activities will be available once again in-person. Online and hybrid courses will continue to be available as well.

Unwavering support

We know personal support is the reason many of you chose Madison College. Our student support staff are on campus and ready to help you. We will also continue to provide support services virtually for your convenience. Please visit the support services webpages for service hours and contact information.

Financial support beyond tuition

In the last several months, many students faced financial challenges due to job loss, family obligations and countless other challenges. We understand it is hard to think about the future when you’re wondering how you’ll get through the present.

This is why Madison College has provided more than $6 million dollars in relief funding to our students since the start of COVID-19. This funding covers more than tuition. Students can use it to pay for rent, food, childcare and other living expenses. We are here to help you learn more about your financial support options.

Open access to college laptops and Wi-Fi

If you are without your own laptop or internet connection, let us help. Madison College will lend you a college laptop and a Wi-Fi hotspot for the semester thanks to our Technology Access Program. This service is free and available to eligible students who demonstrate need.

Your Safety. Our Priority.

The safety of the Madison College community has always come first. If you are attending classes in person, please follow the campus safety guidelines. Wearing a face covering while on campus is recommended but is no longer required. Health officials recommend people who are not vaccinated continue to wear a face covering.

That is because one of the best steps you can take is to get vaccinated. Data shows that vaccinated individuals have a decreased risk of COVID-19 transmission and decreased severity of symptoms if they are exposed. Below is a link to health care providers that offer free, and in some cases no appointment needed, vaccinations.

Click here to find COVID-19 vaccines near you.

Back on course

Ask any Madison College faculty or staff member what they have missed the most in the last 16 months. Their answer is consistently: You, our students.

We recognize what you’ve been through. While each of us has been impacted in different ways by the pandemic and the many other troubles we faced last year, one thing has remained constant: our commitment to you.

In closing, I say with joy and reverence …

Welcome back.

Jack E. Daniels, III