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Leadership Courses

Principles of Effective Leadership | $269

To earn this credential, learners will focus on effective management techniques for delegation, motivation, change management, and leadership styles, and apply these techniques through assessments, simulations, role-plays, and case studies. This course is badged and is part of the Emerging Leaders Series.
#63373, Truax- Early Learning Center, 2/6-3/6, Monday, 5:30-8:30 PM

The Transformative Enterprise | $269

To earn this credential learners will focus on techniques for problem solving, critical thinking, decision-making, strategic thinking, and developing strategies, goals, and actions and apply these techniques through assessments, simulations, role-plays, and case studies. This course is badged and is part of the Emerging Leaders Series.
#63688, Truax- Early Learning Center, 4/3-4/17, Monday and Wednesday, 5:30-8:30 PM

Building Workforce Excellence | $299

To earn this credential learners will develop, practice, and apply communication skills and tactics. Topics include working with diverse others; bias, stereotypes, and workplace harassment; perceiving and regulating emotions; providing continuous feedback; and conducting coaching/performance evaluations. The course also emphasizes development of Emotional Intelligence (EI), including self-assessment, as well as learning and applying specific techniques to improve each element of EI. This course is badged and is the part of both the Emerging Leaders Series and Business Communications Series.
#63687, Truax- Early Learning Center, 4/24-5/10, Monday and Wednesday, 5:30-8:45 PM

Becoming the Trainer | $139

Learn to become an effective teacher and trainer.  In this course participants learn the basic structure, components, and application of training techniques and “On-the-Job Training” methods. Participants learn the importance of their role as a trainers, how to accommodate different learning styles, and how to effectively teach others new skills and tasks. Participants will develop a training plan and practice implementing it during class.
#63788, Truax-Early Learning Center, 3/30-4/13, Thursday, 6-9 PM

Managing Remote Teams | $115

Remote team management isn't new, but it has become far more common and extensive than it used to be. So, whether you have gone from managing the occasional "telecommuter" to managing a fully remote team or have been managing a remote team and would like to explore new strategies and best practices for this unique form of management—this course is for you.
Instructor-Led (Asynchronous) Upcoming Start Dates: 2/15 / 3/15
Also available as an on-demand, self-paced tutorial.

Communication Courses

Effective Communication | $99

Learn to craft a message that is direct, simple, and clear. In this class you will learn specifics techniques to help you communicate successfully, listen effectively, and get your desired results; tools you need for becoming a stronger leader and a more dynamic team member.
#63285, Truax-Early Learning Center, 2/21, Tuesday, 5:30-9 PM

Difficult and Crucial Conversations | $99

Difficult and crucial conversations shape expectations, relationships and outcomes. Leaders must plan and execute crucial conversations in the workplace to develop high-performing teams and negotiate important topics. Learn how to build cooperative and rewarding relationship, improve team culture and effect positive change in behaviors.
#63284, Online Live, 5/8, Monday, 5:30-9 PM

Effective Presentation Skills | $139

One of the top qualities employers look for when hiring or promoting individuals is the ability to give a presentation confidently in a group setting. When you become an effective presenter, you also learn how to communicate clearly in all work situations. This course will teach you how to transform from reading a script or bullet point to a confident, self-assured person delivering a persuasive message. You will learn specific techniques that will help you reduce nerves, communicate successfully, and get your desired results.
#63286, Truax-Early Learning Center, 2/28-3/14, Tuesday, 5:30-8:30 PM

Effective Meeting Facilitation | $99

In this course, learn to effectively lead and facilitate meetings that stay on-track, encourage participation, strive for consensus decision making, and get results. Learn to set agendas, time frames, room layouts, and ground rules and how to deal with objections, interruptions, and hidden agendas. This course is ideal for team leaders, managers, supervisors, committee heads and board leaders.
#63691, Truax-Early Learning Center, 3/22, Wednesday, 5:30-9 PM

Business Writing for Success | $99

Learn to write to make the best first impression and to be recognized as ready for the next step in your career through clear and concise communication. Employers place clear and concise communication skills at the top of their list when evaluating job applicants. This course will provide you with tips and techniques to quickly elevate your writing skills for success.
#63728, Truax-Early Learning Center, 3/23-4/13, Thursday, 6:30-8:30 PM

Grant Writing Essentials | $179

This course will teach new grant writers how to write successful proposals, providing an overview of the core components of all grant proposals. Students will learn to develop a submission timeline, find funding opportunities, research grant opportunities, brainstorm and plan, write proposals, develop budgets and supplemental documents, and learn to pitch ideas.
#63270, Online Live, 4/4-5/9, Tuesday, 6-8:30 PM

Workshops and Skill Development

Managing Workplace Stress | $99

Explore the most common types of workplace stress. Understand the symptoms and consequences of unmanaged stress. Learn coping strategies that create a platform for constructive change and develop a personal action plan to strengthen your effectiveness.
#63693, Truax-Early Learning Center, 4/20, Thursday, 5:30-8:30 PM

Meditation for Work & Life | $59

Learn meditation practices designed to focus the mind and help you feel calmer, more productive, and more resilient at work, or in your personal life. Each class will start with gentle movement to relieve tension and calm the mind. All participants will receive scripts that they can use with groups to lead meditation practice sessions at work, with any small groups, or for their own personal meditation practices.
#63780, Truax-Early Learning Center, 4/25-5/16, Tuesday, 6-8:30 PM

Time Management Workshop | $99

This workshop will introduce the concepts for assessing time usage, tools to improve time management and utilize demonstrated methods to improve individual productivity.
#63690, Truax-Early Learning Center, 5/1, Monday, 6-9 PM

Project, Process and Operations Courses

Intro to Lean Operations | $99

Lean is a management strategy that unlocks the hidden potential of an organization. Learn the three pillars of organizational improvement; voice of the customer, systems thinking, and problem-solving. Learn to identify waste in the workplace, and strategies to eliminate causes of waste. Learn to create flow using processes such as 6S. This course is geared to front line workers, supervisors and manager striving to create a lean culture to reduce costs and optimize profits.
#63727, Truax-Health Building, 4/11-4/18, Tuesday, 5:30-8:30 PM

Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma | $399

Six Sigma is a comprehensive and flexible system for achieving and sustaining results within your organization. This disciplined, data-driven approach assists in eliminating defects in any process — from enhancing customer expectations to boosting bottom-line objectives. You will participate in online modules and in-person meetings that will teach you how to fully integrate Six Sigma methodologies into your organization.
#63334, Truax-Health Building, 2/21-4/11, Tuesday, 5:30-8:30 PM

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt | $1,495

Green Belts solve problems by finding their root causes and then streamlining processes. This course meets today's changing business environment and is led by Lean Six Sigma Experts. Course offered in partnership with Ed2Go.
Online, On-demand. 50 hours, 6 months of access

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt | $1,695

Learn to streamline organizational processes through strategic improvement projects. This online Six Sigma training course will help you prepare for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam. Help transform your organization by reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving collaboration.
Online, On-demand. 75 hours, 6 months of access

Project Management Fundamentals | $139

This course is a unique blend of key project management concepts and applied training that you can immediately apply to your projects. Gain specific tools for all phases of the project life cycle to successfully manage and deliver results at home, at work or in any project situation. Learn how to develop project plans and requirements, identify scope, develop milestones and action plans, prepare estimates, and monitor and manage projects.
#63694, Truax-Early Learning Center, 4/27-5/11, Thursday, 5:30-8 PM

Essentials of HR | $399

The SHRM Essentials of Human Resources is an introductory course offering a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of HR. It gives participants foundational knowledge and an introduction to behavioral competencies that are essential for business success. This course is ideal for those who are just starting out in the human resources profession, or those who are looking for an effective way to boost their employee management skills. Eligible for 12 Professional Development Credits (PDCs).
#63326, Goodman South, 4/7-5/12, Friday, 9-11:45 AM

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Badge Series

Business Communications Series

Completion of this series of courses indicates study of and practice in skills associated with business communication. Topics and competencies include active listening, concise speaking, non-verbal communication and body language, managing difficult and crucial conversations, working with diverse others, bias, stereotypes, and workplace harassment, negotiation, networking, persuasive speaking, and conducting coaching and performance evaluations.

Emerging Leaders Series

Completion of this series of courses indicates study of and practice in skills associated with the two keys to effective management: results and relationships, in the context of the traditional managerial elements of planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Students learn techniques for problem solving, critical thinking, decision-making, delegation, motivation, change management, and apply these techniques through simulations, role-plays, and case studies. The course also emphasizes development of Emotional Intelligence (“EI”), including self-assessment, as well as learning and applying specific techniques to improve each element of EI.