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Noncredit Business and Professional Development Courses

Difficult & Crucial Conversations | $99

Let’s talk about it! In this course, learn how to build cooperative and rewarding relationships, improve team culture and influence positive change in behaviors.
#33470, Online Live, 10/3, Monday, 5:30-9 PM

Effective Communication | $99

Learn to craft a message that is direct, simple, and clear. In this class you will learn specifics techniques to help you communicate successfully, listen effectively, and get your desired results; tools you need for becoming a stronger leader and a more dynamic team member.
#33478, Truax- Main Building, 11/30, Wednesday, 8:30 AM- 12 PM

Effective Presentation Skills | $139

One of the top qualities employers look for when hiring or promoting individuals is the ability to give a presentation confidently in a group setting. When you become an effective presenter, you also learn how to communicate clear in all work situations. This course will teach you how to transform from reading a script or bullet point to a confident, self-assured person delivering a persuasive message. You will learn specific techniques that will help you reduce nerves, communicate successfully, and get your desired results.
#33479, Truax-Main Building, 10/12-10/26, Wednesday, 9 AM- 12 PM

Personal Productivity | $99

Do you ever wonder “where did the time go?” Explore time management strategies in this course. Plan, prioritize and develop control over time spent on tasks, activities and engagements to boost your effectiveness and productivity.
#33525, Online Live, 10/13, Thursday, 5:30-9 PM

Understanding Customer Service | $99

Define customer service and how it is reflected in the organization's mission and values. Learn key behaviors, actions, practices, and characteristics of great service. Define expectations, boundaries and guidelines and discuss and examine the role an organizations processes and polices play in delivering service. Learn the value of customers, the impact of poor service, how to capture the voice of the customer, and the moments of truth. 
#33584, Truax-Main Building, 10/18-10/20, Tuesday & Thursday, 7-9 PM

Situational Leadership | $99

To be an effective leader, you must be flexible and consistently adjust your leadership style. This course will examine the four primary styles of leadership, helping you align specific approaches with specific situations.
#33528, Online Live, 10/26, Wednesday, 1-4:30 PM

Leadership Essentials | $99

Examine the practical behaviors and experiences associated with leading individuals and teams in day-to-day operations. Learn advanced essentials of leadership practices like how to incorporate various styles of leadership, apply appropriate leadership traits and recognize individual needs and talents.
#33526, Online Live, 10/12, Wednesday, 1-4:30 PM

Introduction to Lean Operations | $89

Lean is a management strategy that unlocks the hidden potential of an organization. Learn to identify waste in the workplace, and strategies to eliminate causes of waste. Learn to create flow using processes such as 6S. This course is geared to front line workers, supervisors, and managers striving to create a lean culture to reduce costs and optimize profits.
#33534, Truax-Health Building, 10/6, Thursday, 8:30 AM-12:30 PM

Green Belt Lean SS Training | $999

Six Sigma Green Belt training provides participants with enhanced problem-solving skills, with an emphasis on the DMAIC process and statistical process control with the combination of online leaning modules and in-person meetings
#33533, Truax-Health Building, 10/19-11/9, Wednesday, 12:30-4 PM

Project Management Skills | $399

This course follows the suggested Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and will prepare you to successfully manage projects large and small. Develop the skills you need to successfully manage projects. Learn to develop project plans; determine scope and requirements; execute and close projects and much more.
#33536, Truax-Health Building, 10/20-11/17, Thursday, 8:30-11:30 AM

Fostering Effective Work Relationships | $269

Learners will develop, practice, and apply business and managerial communication skills and tactics. Topics include non-verbal communication and body language; adapting social styles; recognition and de-escalation of awkward situations; successfully managing difficult conversations and conflict; how to build relationships and enhance team culture.
#33600, Truax-Health Building, 11/8-12/6, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

Principles of Effective Leadership | $299

Focuses on the two keys to effective management: results and relationships, in the context of the traditional managerial elements of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Students learn techniques for delegation, motivation, change management, and leadership styles, and apply these techniques through assessments, simulations, role-plays, and case studies.
#33538, Truax-Protective Services, 10/19-10/20, Wednesday & Thursday, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

WI Real Estate Biennium CE | $159

According to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS), all real estate licensees must complete 18 hours of continuing education in each biennium. Approved by DSPS for Real Estate Agents (18 CEUs) and by the State Bar of WI for 18 CLE credits for attorneys.
#33374, Online, Self-paced, Fall Term

Essentials of HR | $399

The SHRM Essentials of Human Resources is an introductory course offering a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of HR. It gives participants foundational knowledge and an introduction to behavioral competencies that are essential for business success. This course is ideal for those who are just starting out in the human resources profession, or those who are looking for an effective way to boost their employee management skills. Eligible for 12 Professional Development Credits (PDCs).
#33480, Goodman South, 10/11-11/15, Tuesday, 5:30-8 PM

Social Insurance Programs | $59

This course will present an updated look a social insurance programs in the United States, emphasizing Social Security and Medicare. You will review eligibility and funding requirements for each program, as well as each program's benefits. Other topics will include unemployment compensation, disability benefits, worker coinsurance and the Affordable Care Act.
#33483, Truax-Main Building, 10/11-10/18, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

Ethics of Insurance Agents | $59

This is an insurance continuing education class that will discuss and review the role of insurance agent in our society. Ethical and unethical practices will be analyzed, In addition, insurance agent's fiduciary duties in terms of dealing with consumers will be reviewed. Insurance agents work in a cynical and unethical work at times and they need to know and understand how to deal with Ethical questions and situations. The need for a Strict Code of Ethics will be discussed in terms of increasing the public's confidence and respect for the insurance industry and insurance agents.
#33505, Truax-Main Building, 10/25-11/01, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

Financial Math | $99

Learn how to apply mathematical methods to financial problems, drawing from tools used in statistics and economics. Among other things, this course will cover interest, future value, annuities, revolving charge, interpreting financial reports, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
#33669, Truax- Main Building, 10/4-11/1, Tuesday, 6-8 PM

Accounting Intro | $199

Intended to serve as an excellent companion when learning to use QuickBooks or other accounting software, this course is designed for people who might not be pursuing a career in accounting but needs a  working understanding of basic accounting principles. 
#33485, Truax-Main Building, 11/8-12/13, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

Food Service Sanitation | $48

Food Manager Certification is a food safety training program recommended by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, Division of Health, for all restaurant employees in Wisconsin.
#33647, Watertown, 10/3-10/24, Monday, 6-9 PM

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Online Courses

Check out these 100% online noncredit classes offered in partnership with ed2go.

Managing Remote Teams | $115

Remote team management isn't new, but it has become far more common and extensive than it used to be. So, whether you have gone from managing the occasional "telecommuter" to managing a fully remote team or have been managing a remote team and would like to explore new strategies and best practices for this unique form of management—this course is for you.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt | $1,495

Green Belts solve problems by finding their root causes and then streamlining processes. This course meets today's changing business environment and is led by Lean Six Sigma Experts.
Estimated 50 hours, Online, Self-paced

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt | $1,695

Learn to streamline organizational processes through strategic improvement projects. This online Six Sigma training course will help you prepare for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam. Help transform your organization by reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving collaboration.
Estimated 75 hours, Online, Self-paced

Noncredit to Credit Pathway

Get college credit by earning a badge and enrolling at Madison College.

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Badge Series

Business Communications Series

  • Communicating with Professionalism
  • Fostering Effective Work Relationships
  • Building Workforce Excellence

Completion of this series of courses indicates study of and practice in skills associated with business communication. Topics and competencies include active listening, concise speaking, non-verbal communication and body language, managing difficult and crucial conversations, working with diverse others, bias, stereotypes, and workplace harassment, negotiation, networking, persuasive speaking, and conducting coaching and performance evaluations.

Management Skills Series

  • Principles of Effective Leadership
  • The Transformative Enterprise
  • Building Workforce Excellence

Completion of this series of courses indicates study of and practice in skills associated with the two keys to effective management: results and relationships, in the context of the traditional managerial elements of planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Students learn techniques for problem solving, critical thinking, decision-making, delegation, motivation, change management, and apply these techniques through simulations, role-plays, and case studies. The course also emphasizes development of Emotional Intelligence (“EI”), including self-assessment, as well as learning and applying specific techniques to improve each element of EI.

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>>FASTEST>> Insurance Certificate for the Business Professional

Insurance is one of Wisconsin’s largest industries. Our program will help you learn the ins and outs of property, casualty, life and health insurance.
14 credits | Finish in 4-12 months

>>FASTEST>> Real Estate Sales

So much more than a license. Learn about managing property, plus the ins and outs of selling – including social media..
14 credits | Finish in 4-12 months

>>FASTEST>> Human Resources Certificate

Leveling up or looking for a change? A certificate is a great way to add to your skills. Full or part-time lets you set the pace.
12 credits | Finish in 4-12 months

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