Enhance Your Leaderships Skills and Performance

The Madison College Leadership Academy will help you understand human behavior, improve productivity and manage relationships effectively at all levels of your organization.

Learn how to address challenges and find opportunities with practical tools and strategies you can apply right away.

In person, starting September 12 and October 9!

Madison Location 
Thursday, 8 am - 4 pm (Lunch at 12-1)
Dates: 9/12-10/17

Fort Atkinson Campus
Wednesday, 8 am - 4 pm (Lunch at 12-1)
Dates: 10/9, 10/23, 11/6, 11/20, 12/4 & 12/18

Cost: $650

  • Madison Location 
    to be determined
  • Fort Atkinson Campus 
    827 Banker Road
    Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

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Leadership Academy Session Topics

Explore eleven leadership topics and earn a digital badge. 

  • Essentials of Leadership 
  • Communicating with Impact 
  • Situational Leadership 
  • Engagement, Empowerment and Delegation 
  • Developing Workplace Culture and DEI 
  • Navigating Change 
  • Performance Management 
  • Coaching and Talent Development 
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making 
  • Navigating Conflict 
  • Strategic Leadership 

Earn a Leadership Academy Digital Badge

After completing Leadership Academy, you will be awarded a digital badge. Digital Badges have encoded metadata that validate your qualifications and can be displayed on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. With a digital badge you will:

  • Give employers and your network a more detailed look at your abilities and qualifications.
  • Demonstrate that continuous education and improvement are important to you.
  • Share your verifiable skills and achievements in a visual way.
Illustration of a digital badge


Leadership Academy Session Details

Essentials of Leadership 

  • Understand role as a supervisor or manager
  • Identify key skills, traits and characteristics
  • Identify ways to help transition and potential pitfalls
  • Setting the tone, direction, and pace
  • Determining and communicating expectations

Communicating with Impact 

  • Examine communication as a process and where common breakdowns occur
  • Understand communication styles and the application of assertive communication
  • Differentiate listening styles and those most appropriate for employees and clients
  • Learn how effective framing of messages leads to trust

Situational Leadership 

  • Learn fundamentals of situational leadership
  • Learn four basic leadership styles and behaviors
  • Learn to identify employee stages of development
  • Learn which style works best in different situations

Engagement, Empowerment and Delegation

  • Understand impact of organizational culture
  • Learn to engage and enable others
  • Understand the value and process of delegation
  • Address barriers to delegation
  • Identify best practices for intentional empowerment and delegation

Developing Workplace Culture and DEI

  • Define workplace culture
  • Learn what makes workplace culture
  • Understand the link between leadership and culture
  • Explore key elements and learn how to develop positive, productive, engaging workplace cultures

Navigating Change

  • Assess your organizations readiness and willingness to change
  • Understand the driving and restraining forces of change
  • Review common barriers and resistance to change and how to deal with them
  • Understand why change initiatives fail and how to prevent failure
  • Learn effective ways to lead and manage change initiatives

Performance Management

  • Understand the components of Performance Management
  • Identify employee performance and gaps
  • Learn to develop SMART goals
  • Learn to prepare and conduct employee feedback sessions
  • Role of precedence and past practice 

Coaching and Talent Development

  • Learn and understand role in talent development
  • Learn and apply coaching skills and strategies
  • Learn methods of coaching based on time and purpose

Critical Thinking and Decision Making

  • Understand the basics of effective critical thinking
  • Learn the characteristics and techniques that lead to enhanced critical thinking
  • Better understand how decision making and problem-solving impact performance and organizational effectiveness
  • Explore basic problem-solving methodologies and tools

Navigating Conflict

  • Explore the most common causes of workplace conflict
  • Examine barriers to effective conflict resolution
  • Examine different conflict modes and personal conflict style 
  • Learn strategies and a process to address conflict

Strategic Leadership 

  • Strategic thinking, seeking creative, workable solutions
  • Strategic leadership, ability to motivate and influence others
  • Key skills, traits and practices of strategic thinkers and leaders
  • Best practices for thinking and leading strategically
  • How strategic thinking and leading  improves an organization’s effectiveness

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