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Professional Development Courses

Resume helpers – Take one or take 10! Grow your skillset and impress employers.

MS Excel Intro | $179

Master the art of the spreadsheet to take full advantage of Excel as an organizational tool. Learn to create and use tables, calculate and present data and format charts that make information easy to read and understand. Requirement: Familiarity with Windows required.
#63498, Online Live, 2/1-3/1, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

MS Excel Intermediate | $179

Take your Excel skills to a new level. Learn advanced tasks that allow you to analyze deeper, use themes and styles in your reports, create detailed worksheets and templates and more. Let Excel do the heavy lifting while you look like a rock star of efficiency. Requirement: Some experience with MS Excel required.
#63482, Online Live, 3/8-4/12, Tuesday, 6-9 PM

MS Excel Pivot Tables and Charts | $69

Learn to use Excel’s many tools to present your data effectively. Master these tools and your presentations will wow!
#63395, Online Live, 12-May, Thursday, 6-9 PM

MS Excel Advanced | $179

Hone your Excel skills at a near-expert level. Gain even more advanced skills in using Excel’s pivot tables, financial functions, what-if analysis, goal-setting and more. Requirement: Familiarity with Windows, prior experience using MS Excel software.
#63541, Truax-Foundation Centre, 4/19-5/24, Tuesday, 6-9 PM


MS Excel VBA Programming (Visual Basic for Applications) | $179

Become your team’s MVP! Learn to use macros to automate routine tasks and create custom functions in MS Excel — from simple examples to programming with dialog boxes and control structures. And no programming experience necessary. Requirement: Prior experience with Excel.
#63499, Online Live, 3/24-4/21, Thursday, 6-9 PM

MS Excel VBA 2 Programming | $179

Grow your arsenal of time-saving tricks to become the most essential member of your team! Take a deep dive into automating Excel data analysis, applying business intelligence, developing finance and multi-sheet big data extraction. Requirement: Excel VBA or consent of instructor.
#63492, Online Live, 4/28-5/26, Thursday, 6-9 PM

Python Programming Intro | $179

Learn how use the simple but powerful Python language to create computer programs that automate tasks from the most tedious to most complex. No prior programming experience needed. Requirement: Intermediate-level computer skills.
#63562, Truax-Main Building, 2/9-3/9, Wednesday, 6-9 PM

Python Programming Intermediate | $179

Expand your basic understanding of Python. Learn ways to interact with remote and local databases, plus how to efficiently process multiple data files, generate reports in the form of spreadsheets, charts or maps and more. You'll also improve your coding skills. Prior completion of the Python Intro course or equivalent strongly recommended.
#63544, Truax-Main Building, 3/24-4/20, Thursday, 6-8:30 PM

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Looking for a Career?

  • More than 4,800 jobs in our service area each year
  • $28.14 average hourly starting wage
  • 99% Student Satisfaction IT Cybersecurity Specialist, 2020

Area Employers of our IT graduates include:

  • CDW Berbee
  • Department of Health Services
  • First Business Financial Services
  • Exact Sciences, State of Wisconsin
  • AE Business Solutions
“At Madison College, they understood my goals and me as a person. Now I have a career that suits me—fighting cybercrime!”
Julie J.
IT Cybersecurity Specialist graduate
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IT Certificate and Degree Programs

Choose a FAST TRACK to an IT degree, diploma or certificate.

>FAST> IT-Cybersecurity Specialist Associate Degree

Master the critical art of protecting computer systems and their owners from cybercriminals.
63 Credits | 2 years (if attending full time)

>>FASTER>> IT-Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) Certificate

Take your IT skills up a notch when by learning to manage key functions of local and wide area information networks.
9 Credits | 1-2 semesters

>>>FASTEST>>> Data Analytics Certificate

Companies of all sizes rely on data to understand their customer base. Learn the art of data management along with Python programming.
6 Credits | 1-2 semesters