If you are already an RN and it has been more than four years since you've practiced, or if you need to upgrade your skills before moving to a more acute setting, then Madison College's RN Refresher Course may be for you.

The RN Refresher Course is designed to meet the requirements of both the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services and the Licensing Board of Nursing for Registered Nurses. Three components are required: theory, skills and a clinical practicum. 

Madison College does not offer the theory portion of this course. Please check with the Department of Health and Professional Services for a program that offers the theory portion in your area. You must provide documentation of completion of the theory course prior to enrolling in Madison College's RN Refresher Course. 

Madison College's Refresher course includes skills and clinical practicum.

The skills portion is self-paced and covers a variety of skills, culminating in a physical examination check-off. This component is approximately 40 hours and is designed to guide you through the review of key skills and physical assessment.

The clinical practicum is the final portion of the Refresher Course, consisting of 13 eight-hour shifts, in which you are paired with a registered nurse at a health care facility. This component provides the opportunity to gain clinical experience while working one-on-one with an experienced registered nurse or preceptor.

If you are interested in the RN Refresher course, please contact:

Lisa Kromanaker, Associate Degree Nursing Clinical Coordinator, at kromanaker@madsoncollege.edu or (608) 616-1045.