What are my options if I am unable to attend all scheduled class times?
The Nursing Assistant course is regulated by the Department of Health Services, including the course content and number of required hours. Successful completion requires students to complete the full 99 course hours in the classroom, skills lab and clinical setting. You should not register for a course if you cannot commit to attending all assigned hours.

What does instructional component hybrid mean?
The 50 hours of face-to-face classroom time is replaced with online activities, via Blackboard. Students do not meet face-to-face. The work is not self-paced however, and has strict deadlines to keep you on pace with the course. 

What does instructional component accelerated mean?
The 99 hour course is compressed into 3-4 weeks (instead of 9-10). You will need to commit to intense focus and time commitment to complete the course successfully. The classroom portion is in a hybrid/online format. You need strong computer and online course work skills. 

What is the Nursing Assistant uniform requirement?

Dress Code

Jewelry: A non-recording, non-transmitting watch with a sweep second hand is required and is the only jewelry to be worn on the arms.

Shoes: Clean, closed toe and closed back shoes. No clogs, sandals, or platform soles. Water- and slip-resistant; safe for all health care environment activities and conditions.

Scrub uniform: Top and pants, top and skirt, or dress and student name badge.

• Scrubs: preferably solid colors (any color is allowed)

• Scrubs should be neat (without wrinkles) and clean (without stains and odors)

• Scrubs stamped with “MUHL” are not allowed

• Only the logo of the manufacturer of the scrubs allowed

Can I register if I haven't completed my second TB skin test? No. All health screening requirements must be fully complete and approved prior to registration. 

If I've already completed a background check with a CastleBranch account, can I use it for the Nursing Assistant requirements?
Yes, you will need to work with CastleBranch to set up the mechanism to "share" your background check with the program director. Note: you may be required to purchase a "sex offender index" (additional $10), if your original background check did not include this. 

Where can I purchase the textbook and required Nursing Assistant Supply Kit?
The Nursing Assistant textbook is now included in the leased text program at the college.
Please visit the Bookstore or call 608.246.6016 and order the book for your class section.
The Nursing Assistant Supply Kit and Workbook can be purchased at the bookstore. 
These learning materials can be shipped to any college campus for free (Truax, Goodman South, Watertown, Reedsburg, Portage, or Fort Atkinson) or to your home for a small fee.

I took the Nursing Assistant course, but did not take the certification exam. What do I need to do now?
If testing is not completed within one year from the date on your Nursing Assistant course certificate, you must complete the entire Nursing Assistant course.

How do I obtain another Certificate of Completion?
The Nursing Assistant Certificate of Completion can be requested from the program director. Because this certificate is used only to apply for the certification examination, certificates will not be generated beyond one year past graduation.
For proof of program completion for reasons other than the initial competency testing, please obtain an official transcript.

How do I apply to take the competency exam?
Your instructor will pre-enroll you in the Headmaster TMU when you start your Nursing Assistant class and then change your status to ‘Complete’ once you successfully finish all course requirements. Enrollment information will be sent to your Madison College e-mail address from Headmaster (please check your Junk and Spam folders). You must complete your application by logging in through the Headmaster TMU. The certification exam fee is $125 (exams read to candidates and retake exam fees differ), and is not included in your Nursing Assistant course tuition.  

I was placed on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry several years ago, but my certification expired. How do I renew my status on the Nurse Aide Registry?
When you are placed on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry, you are provided two types of eligibility: Federal and State. Federal eligibility must be maintained to work in any Medicare and/or Medicaid certified nursing home, home health agency, or hospice. You must have been employed as a CNA for at least 8-hours in the previous 24-months to maintain your Federal eligibility. Renewal information will be provided to you through Headmaster.
Even if Federal eligibility lapses, you always retain your status as a nurse aide and may work in hospitals, including critical access hospitals, and facilities that are not certified as Medicaid providers, including nursing homes, facilities that serve individuals with intellectual disabilities, home health agencies, hospices, and assisted living facilities. Federal eligibility can be restored by retesting with Headmaster. Registration can be done through the Headmaster TMU.

Where do I find contact information for nurse aide registries in other states? 
Please refer to the State Nurse Aid Registries (PDF) document for contact information.