Campus Life

Madison Area Technical College offers a robust student life environment outside the classroom.

Our campus programs and services promote total student development. A well-rounded life at Madison College prepares students for their education, as well as successful lives and careers in today’s global society.

Every student can take advantage of a wide range of student activities, resources and opportunities across campuses.

Student Life Offices

You can always visit the Student Life offices at the Truax or Downtown campuses for more information about student clubs, activities and events. You can pick up your complimentary bus pass and other materials there, too.

The LINK: Your Connection to Student Life

Madison College makes it easy for students to stay up-to-date about student activities and organizations, student news and events, and more through The LINK. Connect to campus life from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Stay Informed: You can log into The LINK from myMadisonCollege using your Madison College username and password. Identify your interests via the involvement link. You’ll see recommendations for student clubs and activities to consider. You’ll also receive the Student Bulletin each week through email.

Student Activities and Events: Use The LINK to access the student activities calendar and virtual bulletin board.

Student Group Directory: The LINK gives you instant access to the directory of student clubs and organizations.

Join Student Clubs: If you are interested in joining a student club, explore the student group directory and click the "join" button for those clubs that interest you. The student club leader or advisor will contact you regarding any membership requirements and upcoming opportunities. Clicking on the join button simply expresses your interest and does not commit you to membership.