Community Services

Madison College offers a variety of services to community members.

Event Services
Rent space on campus for meetings, conferences, trainings, workshops and other events.

Cottage and Shed Purchasing
Support Construction and Remodeling students by purchasing a house or shed they built in class.

Pet Adoption
Adopt a pet cared for by Veterinary Technician students at the Truax campus.

Take advantage of affordable salon services, including hair and nail care, provided by students in the Cosmetology program

Gourmet Dining
Culinary students prepare delicious meals during lunchtime at the Truax campus. 

Dental Clinic
Dental Hygiene students provide teeth cleaning, X-rays, flouride treatments, sealants and other oral-care services.

Fitness Center
Use the weight room, cardio equipment, swimming pool, locker room and gym at the Truax and Downtown campuses.

Art students exhibit engaging collections at the Truax and Downtown campuses.

Mitby Theater
Enjoy musical and theater performances, including the Madison Symphony Orchestra, at the Truax campus.

VITA Tax Services
Income tax assistance is available to community members making less than $49,000 a year.