Why wait to earn college credits?  

It’s not too soon to take college-level classes. If you’re motivated, make the most of your time with dual-enrollment classes.

Earn credits that count toward your high school diploma and Madison College. See your guidance counselor about taking classes at your high school or at one of our campuses.

The bonus? Tuition is covered by your high school.

student with a laptop studying
Choose the option that works for you:

Earn dual credit at your high school

Start College Now at a Madison College campus

Early College Academies lead to a certificate or industry credential

STEM Academy courses help you gain college-level Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math credits

Youth Apprenticeships pay you to learn a trade and earn college credit

Gateway to College provides a fresh outlook on school

Just take a class to jumpstart your college education

Keep making those big plans. Let us know how we can help!