High School Partnerships

The Center for College & Career Transitions focuses on serving high school students and assisting them in making successful transitions after high school. Articulation agreements between Madison College and school districts allow students to enroll in and complete college courses while still in high school.

These courses fulfill high school graduation requirements and align high school and post-secondary curricula to create a sequence of courses which provide for a seamless transition to postsecondary education. The early college options available for high school students are known as the Early College Achievement Program (ECAP) at Madison College.

Whether their next steps are continued education or moving directly to the workforce, our goal is to help students prepare and plan for their future. The ECAP program at Madison College offers two types of articulation, Dual Credit and Advanced Standing. Educators interested in offering articulated courses should read the requirements below and contact us for more information.

Dual Credit

Dual Credit allows a student to receive technical college credit upon successful completion of a college-level course taken in their high school. The college-level course is delivered at the high school with the same competencies, assignments, grading policies, textbooks, and software (if applicable). In order to deliver Dual Credit courses at the high school, the following must be met.

  • Dual credit instructors must attend a training session and be instructed how to teach our course.
  • Certification documents must be filled out and submitted prior to teaching the class.
  • A contract  and Memorandum of Understanding between Madison College and your high school must be filed.
  • Your curriculum needs to be submitted to college faculty for review prior to beginning the class
  • Your students must be enrolled and registered for the Madison College class.
  • You will be sent the grade roster at the end of the year. Students must be graded on a college scale (A, AB, B, BC, C, D or F)
  • You will be asked to attend various meetings throughout the year to meet with our faculty mentors.
  • Dual credit courses are renewed on an annual basis; if the teacher changes, the agreement is void.
  • The high school course is taught by a high school instructor who holds a current DPI license in a related area and has been granted a WTCS articulation certification or a WTCS certified technical college instructor.
  • Many classes are currently available, including Elementary Algebra, Computer Hardware Essentials, Accounting, Network Essentials, Excel, Welding, Medical Terminology, Machine Tool 1A and certain Lab Animal modules.

Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing allows a student to receive retroactive credit at a Wisconsin technical college upon completion of the course according to specific conditions (i.e. grades, attendance requirements, etc.) AND enrollment in a technical college within 27 months of high school graduation. It also requires a valid agreement between Madison College and the high school.

  • Advanced standing instructors must submit a curriculum worksheet matching your high school curriculum with Madison College (must match 80% of the competencies).
  • Cover sheet must be signed and submitted with the curriculum worksheet.
  • Instructors must attend various meetings throughout the school year.
  • Advanced standing agreements are renewable on an annual basis.

Additional Resources

Here are further resources available to help you with curriculum development and articulation compliance:

  • Schedule (coming soon)
  • School Profile Sheets (coming soon)