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Credit for Prior Learning

Have you earned college credits while in high school or at another college or university? These may transfer in to Madison College. 

Do you have knowledge and skills learned from the military or other experiences in your chosen career field? These may transfer to MATC and apply to your degree. 

Check out the tabs below to see how your credits or experience may transfer in.


Only courses with an earned grade of C or better (i.e. not C- or CD) will be considered for transfer credit. Evaluation of transfer credit is based on official transcripts from the institution where the course was completed and final grade was issued.

Transcript Review Process 

  1. Once your official transcript is received, please allow one to two weeks for an initial review of general education credits.
  2. You will receive an email via your student email account with details on how to view awarded credits. 
  3. To request additional review of general education and/or program related courses, please complete and submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form (PDF, 892 KB) and include course syllabi. Please allow a minimum of one to two weeks for this additional review to be completed. 
  4. If you have international transcripts that need to be translated and/or evaluated, please see our International Student Admission page for list of translation and evaluation services. Once your transcript evaluation/translation is complete, you may submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form (PDF, 892 KB) for us to review for eligible transfer credit.

Reverse Transfer Agreement - Madison College and University of Wisconsin-Madison

Madison College and the University of Wisconsin-Madison signed an agreement to reverse transfer credit from the University back to Madison College to apply toward an Associate’s Degree. Starting in May 2013 students may opt in to the reverse transfer agreement when sending an official transcript from Madison College to UW-Madison. Students who opt in must also meet the following requirements: 

  • Complete 30 college credits at Madison College
  • Complete at least 15 credits in residence at UW-Madison
  • Be admitted into a Madison College degree program

Once a semester Madison College will notify UW-Madison students of their potential eligibility to receive an Associate’s Degree based on coursework completed at both colleges.  All degree and credit requirements must be satisfied to earn an Associate’s Degree.

For additional assistance or questions, email

Students are responsible for any transcript, graduation or related fees.


Military Credit

  1. Submit your JST/CCAF or DD214 to the Truax Enrollment Center.
  2. Students who have completed basic training will receive three wellness/physical education credits.
  3. Please allow a minimum of two to four weeks for evaluation of military credit and posting of eligible credits to your student record.

Experiential Learning (employment, training, etc.)

You may be granted credit for college-level learning that occurs outside the classroom. This can be prior work experience, specific training in a particular industry, or other learning deemed similar to college course work. The following steps are required for review:

  1. Contact an advisor from your program to discuss your prior learning, the target course(s), and what documentation is required to verify qualification. 
  2. Complete and submit required documentation to the appropriate program director/advisor for review.
  3. Please allow a minimum of two to four weeks for evaluation of experiential credit and posting of eligible credits to your student record.

Challenge Exams

Challenge Exams are a way for you to test out of a course. Currently, the Business Technology department offers the greatest opportunity for testing out of classes. Primarily, these are software classes such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You will need to visit the Business Technology site for complete details on what classes are eligible and how to schedule the exam.  

Business TEchnology
Challenge Exams

National Exams

Recognized exams include but are not limited to DSST/DANTES and CLEP. To see what CLEP scores qualify for credit at Madison College, please view our CLEP Credit Policy.

  1. Official transcript must be submitted to Madison College for evaluation.
  2. Complete and submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form (PDF, 891 KB)
  3. Please allow a minimum of two to four weeks for evaluation of national exam results and posting of eligible credits to your student record.
High School

Advanced Placement (AP)

You must receive scores of 3, 4, or 5 on an Advanced Placement (AP) test to be eligible for college credit. Official AP transcripts must be submitted to Madison College for evaluation. To see which AP exams correlate to which MATC classes, see the AP website

Please allow a minimum of two to four weeks for evaluation of AP exam results and posting of eligible credits to your student record.

Advanced Standing

Advanced standing allows a student to gain tuition-free credit from past high school courses.    

Speak to your high school counselor, explain your interest in advanced standing credit and learn what classes may eligible. You may also review these lists of state-approved classes:

 Advanced Standing Criteria:

  • Send your official transcripts to the Enrollment Center within 27 months of graduating from high school. 
  • Submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form (PDF, 892 KB), listing which of your classes qualify for Advanced Standing. 
  • Madison College will review your high school transcript to verify that you earned a grade of “B“ or better prior to credit to being awarded.

The student must begin the advanced standing process by presenting documentation related to the course. This may include course work, syllabus, exams, or other course work pertaining to the class. Advanced standing agreements are transferable to all the schools within the Wisconsin Technical College System, but not necessarily with University of Wisconsin colleges.


World Languages Retroactive Credit

You are eligible to earn a maximum of four semesters (16 credits) if you are NOT a native speaker and meet the following conditions:

  1. Take the World Language Placement Exam, place into and enroll in a second-, third-, fourth-, or fifth-level language course at Madison College.
  2. Earn a grade of ‘B’ or better in the course.
  3. Complete and submit the Retroactive Language Credit Request Form (PDF, 787 KB) to the Enrollment Center upon completion of the course.

Please allow a minimum of two to four weeks for evaluation of language retroactive credit and posting of eligible credits to your student record

NOTE: You are considered a native speaker if you were taught in a language through at least ninth grade.

Please note:

  1. Credits from prior learning (transfer or otherwise) may account for up to 75 percent of requirements toward a degree and up to 50 percent of requirements toward a certificate. 

  2. Credits awarded for prior learning will not impact your Madison College GPA as they do not receive letter grades.  

  3. Our acceptance of your transfer credit does not guarantee that other colleges will. Contact the college you want the credits to transfer into and see what they require. (Usually, they need your official transcripts.) Our Transfer Center can help if you have questions.