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We can help pay your college tuition!

The Scholars of Promise program provides low-income, graduating high school students an opportunity to access a college education without worrying about how to pay for it.

NOTE: The application deadline for June 2021 high school graduates is June 30. 

The Scholars of Promise program has reopened its application process for 2020 high school graduates who didn't attend college because they were impacted by COVID-19. We're also extending the process for those who graduated high school in early 2021

Program benefits include:

  • Tuition Assistance: We cover tuition and fee costs that grants and scholarships do not for up to six consecutive semesters - summers excluded. 
  • Mentorship: Work with a mentor your first year, become a mentor your second year. 
  • Financial Aid Application Assistance: Dedicated support through focused application completion workshops.
  • Academic Support: Academic advising and career counseling focused on SoP students.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Our newsletter helps you complete the required eight hours of service per term. 
  • Promise to Promise: Direct college transfer opportunities with UW-Madison's Scholars of Promise program.

 High School Seniors and 2020 Graduates: Click for more info 

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Not a high school senior? 

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