Thank you for your commitment to your students. We at Madison College appreciate the work you do!

Madison College is proud to offer several programs and options for motivated high school students. As you know, these classes provide opportunities for college credit, job training and confidence for tomorrow’s workforce.

student and counselor in conversation

Start College Sooner

Studies show that students who take college courses while still in high school are more likely to pursue and ultimately graduate from college. We’re here to help you lead them to college level classes that suit their individual goals and interests. Reach out to learn more: ​​​ or 608.243.4595.

Dual Credit

  • Take college-level classes with teachers at your high school
  • Earn credits toward high school diploma and a college degree

Start College Now

  • Take classes at Madison College
  • Start a program or even finish one - all paid by your high school.

Finding the Right Program

Many high school students are unsure of which field they should pursue. They may have many interests … or are struggling to find the right fit. We offer several tools to help them figure out which pathways best fit who they are.

Career Quiz

  • Answer questions to discover jobs that suit your current aptitudes

Areas of Study

  • Explore an overall area before choosing a specific program

View All Programs

  • Choose from nearly 200 certificate, diploma and associate degree options
  • Learn about the petition process and see what programs have waitlists.

Transfer opportunities

  • Save thousands of dollars by starting at Madison College and transferring to a four-year institution

Visit Madison College

  • Encourage students to see “what’s out there” and picture themselves in the classroom

Student Support

Students will eventually have questions or need help with something. We’re here to help them navigate situations and succeed. We offer many resources to help them get ahead in their education and their future career!

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Courses taught with compassion for students new to the English language

Gateway to College

Career pathways and personalized support for students seeking a fresh start

Bridge Programs

Training that leads to either entry-level work, a Madison College degree program … or both

Scholars of Promise

Low-income, graduating high school students have the opportunity to access a college education without worrying about how to pay for it

Support Services

Students can lean on us for help from advising to counseling to disability resources and much more