Madison College alum part of Pulitzer Prize winning team

Sarah Blaskey - courtesy of Miami Herald

Back in 2010, Sarah Blaskey was a Madison College journalism student and the managing editor of the college's student newspaper. Now, she's part of the Miami Herald team that just received the highest award in print journalism - the Pulitzer Prize - for its reporting of a deadly condo collapse.

“Our job becomes to get as many answers as we can, as quickly as we can. It matters so much in those early hours. People who lived through that tragedy deserve it,” said Blaskey, who is an investigative reporter with the Herald. 

During her time at Madison College, Blaskey received career advice from Clarion newspaper advisor Doug Kirchberg and journalism instructor Larry Hansen.

The Madison College Journalism Certificate offers professional writing and visual journalism courses for a wide range of students and can be used as a platform to a four-year program. Meanwhile, the college's award-winning newspaper, The Clarion, offers students valuable print and broadcast journalism experience.