Madison College and UW-Whitewater Sign Legal Studies Articulation Agreement


Madison College leadership recently signed an articulation agreement with UW-Whitewater, providing legal studies/paralegal students a new pathway toward attaining their bachelor’s degree in legal studies.

The agreement with UW-Whitewater, signed this past March at Madison College’s Truax Campus, will accept all 60 of Madison College’s legal studies/paralegal associate degree credits and count them toward the 120 required credits for its legal studies bachelor’s degree major. In addition, students can transfer 12 credits of general education credits, for a total of 72 credits transferred.

“UW-Whitewater continues to be a strong and valued partner in creating opportunities for our talented Madison College students in continuing their educational journey,” says Madison College Interim Provost Dr. Beth Giles-Klinkner. “When students enroll in the legal studies/paralegal program here at Madison College, it is part of our mission to show them what is possible with their associate degree and where they can use this degree to further their education. Together, with UW-Whitewater and their committed faculty and staff, we have created a direct, clear, and accessible pathway; it is a win for both our institutions, and most importantly for our students.”

legal studies articulation agreement signing handshake

To increase flexibility and accessibility to students, UW-Whitewater will also offer all classes online, acknowledging many students seeking this bachelor’s degree are non-traditional students with responsibilities and employment in the Madison area.

“The agreement facilitates credit acceptance, leads to less duplication of courses, potentially lowers tuition costs and ensures faster graduation for students,” says program instructor and Legal Services Chair Norma Kropp. “Having this path where our students can earn a bachelor's degree online allows our students to earn that degree while retaining a job, in many cases, to support their families.

Collaboration and student interest has already begun. This past spring, UW-Whitewater professor Jolly Emrey did a virtual meeting with Madison College legal studies/paralegal students to talk about the agreement. At least three Madison College students have already applied with plans to start at UW-Whitewater this upcoming fall semester.

Kropp is excited about all the opportunities this agreement offers students.

“After earning a bachelor's degree, students can choose to work in a variety of legal professional positions or even go on to graduate or law school.”