Madison College joins Achieving the Dream Network

Madison College joins the Achieving the Dream Network

Madison College is now part of the Achieving the Dream Network.

The network of more than 300 colleges in 45 states is dedicated to improving student success, bolstering retention and completion, and expanding support to meet student needs. 

“Madison College is excited and honored to be a participant in Achieving the Dream (ATD). It allows us to get expert coaching from community college leaders that will help us better analyze and use our data in our continual drive toward greater student success," said Madison College President Jack Daniels. "The ATD network also provides a connection to other two-year institutions, nationally, that we can access for information and best practices as they have evidenced greater student success in their institutions.”

During the next three years, Madison College will partner with ATD to expand the use of best practices for student success and equity, receive guidance in transforming to a student-centered institution and build a culture of data to identify barriers to student success.

“Colleges that partner with ATD must be both aspirational in how they engage change and be willing to take a hard look at where we are falling short,” said Dr. Karen A. Stout, ATD president and CEO. “For ATD, that begins with centering equity within our institutions, understanding our students and their experiences and tearing down structures and policies that are barriers especially for racially marginalized students.”

Achieving the Dream is committed to helping low-income students and those of color achieve their goals for academic success, personal growth and economic opportunity.