Madison College participating in FamilyU program

Madison College participating in FamilyU program

FamilyU is a customized, evidence-based, two-year experience designed to improve student parent success. A Madison College team will focus on building and refining institutional competencies such as:

•    Increasing awareness of the student parent population
•    Boosting student enrollment and retention
•    Improving data collection methods/tools to better track parenting students

Through 2024, the Madison College FamilyU team will participate in quarterly, peer-learning cohort meetings along with campus-focused coaching sessions to identify and strengthen efforts that support parenting students.

“The college is excited to be included in the FamilyU cohort,” said Dr. Jack E. Daniels III, president of Madison College. “These efforts to support our student parent achievement translate into financial success for their families, inspiration for their children and societal benefits for our communities.”

The program will allow the college to expand its current early childhood care and education initiatives (Wisconsin Innovation Grant and Districtwide Childcare Roadmap), as well as enhance efforts in supporting student parents collegewide.

Parenting students account for one in five undergraduate students nationwide - yet their odds of completion are significantly lower.

To learn more about the FamilyU program at Madison College, contact Child and Family Center Manager, Donna Jost, at