Madison College project to help area hospital workers during pandemic


It sounds like a simple device, but for health care workers who wear face masks for 12 hours or longer each day - it's a godsend.

Madison College is partnering with Engineering Industries in Verona to make Tension Release Bands, which help relieve ear pressure on medical masks. A Mechanical Design Technology student developed the tooling design (based upon the part design provided by the National Institute of Health), while a Machine Tool apprentice built the necessary tooling to produce parts in the plastic injection molding process. Engineering Industries provided materials and technical support for the project.

"The Tension Release Band project provides many educational opportunities for current and future students at Madison College, while assisting health professionals in our community during the COVID-19 pandemic," said Mechanical Design Technology instructor Ron Olson. "This project is another example of how the college's technical programs apply real-world skills through collaboration with industry professionals, to gain valuable experience in design and manufacturing."

The Tension Release Bands are currently being tested at area hospitals. Once a size and material option is approved, the college will begin making larger quantities of the bands. They will then be donated to hospital workers.

The partnership with Engineering Industries also falls during National Manufacturing Month. Click here to learn more about the variety of manufacturing-related programs available at Madison College.

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