Madison College takes home top awards in cake decorating competition

Business and Applied Arts
Baked goods in a display counter.


Three women stand behind decorated cakes.

They say you can't have your cake and eat it too. Don't tell that to Madison College's Baking and Decorative Arts students.

They recently beat out six other technical college schools to sweep the top three awards at a creative cake decorating competition in Milwaukee. Audrianna (Audrey) Woodford (left) took third place, Nicole Stark (center) first place and Elaine Rouse (right) second place in the competition, which was hosted by the Wisconsin Bakers Association.

"This is the first time I've decorated a cake like this and I really started having fun when I stopped focusing on the finished product and started enjoying the trial and error of it," said Stark.

Sugar may be sweet, but students say it's tough to work with.

"Sugar hardens fast and breaks easily, so I'm happy I had this experience to show off what I can do," said Woodford, who went on to take top honors in the creative cupcake decorating competition. Fellow classmate, Elizabeth Peltekian, took second.

"The project provided a great life lesson about doing your personal best and completing a project on time," said Baking and Decorative Arts instructor Cheryl Weise. 


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