Madison College, UW Health Launch Registered Nurse Apprenticeship

President Daniels delivers remarks about nurse apprenticeship program

As part of Madison College’s commitment to supporting industry partners, the college has partnered with UW Health and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development to create one of the nation’s first registered nurse apprenticeships.

“In many ways, this is what we do at Madison College,” said President Jack Daniels at the announcement. “Being a community partner is central to the college's mission, and we have been and will continue to be prepared and open to building these types of unique partnerships and working with our local industry partners, like UW Health, to help them solve their workforce challenges.”

As part of the apprenticeship program, the college's faculty will provide all the classroom instruction, including two years of pre-requisite coursework and two years of core nursing-specific courses in this apprenticeship program, pending approval from the Wisconsin Technical College System board.

“Madison College is excited to be at the forefront of these new healthcare pathways utilizing apprenticeship,” President Daniels said. “There has never been a more critical time to be innovative, forward-thinking, and committed to ensuring that those aspiring to become nurses have both a pathway and a partner in getting there. Madison College is that partner, and we stand ready to provide that path.”

President Daniels highlighted the college's strong tradition of educating an essential, exceptional, and diverse nursing workforce in an ever-changing healthcare industry, and how this apprenticeship serves as an innovative solution for the recruitment of already dedicated workers who would otherwise struggle to access higher education and the dream of achieving their nursing degree.

"Our School of Nursing’s talented faculty and staff look forward to welcoming this first cohort of UW nursing apprentices to our state-of-the-art facilities and Health Simulation Center where they will experience the high-quality curriculum and hands-on learning we are known for."

Read the full press release distributed by and in partnership with UW Health. The Wisconsin State Journal, Channel 3000, and others shared more about the program as well.

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Photo credit: UW Health / John Maniaci