New butchery program hopes to cut down on meat processing delays

Person cuts meat with knife and fork.

Even before the pandemic, meat processing delays had become a growing problem in our country. However, Madison College's new Artisanal Modern Meat Butchery program is hoping to help change that.

Right now, many farmers have to book nearly three years in advance to get a butcher. Graduates from the college's butchery program would help speed up that process.

“That's a huge deal, because those animals are investments and they need to be processed,” Madison College Chef Paul Short told Spectrum News. “And every day you go past a certain timeline that's costing the farmer a lot of money.”

If you have a background or interest in farming, meat production or culinary arts, you're an ideal candidate for the Artisanal Modern Meat Butchery program. Students can attend full- or part-time.