Stressed out? New survey says you're not alone


School. Work. The election. The pandemic. Racism. There are a lot of things making us feel stressed right now.

A new survey on stress by the American Psychological Association found nearly 8 in 10 American adults (78%) say the coronavirus pandemic is a significant source of stress in their lives, while 3 in 5 (60%) say the number of issues America faces is overwhelming to them. The report says young adults appear to be the most affected.

"Loneliness and uncertainly about the future are major stressors for adolescents and young adults, who are striving to find their places in the world, both socially, and in terms of education and work," said Emma Adam, Edwina S. Tarry Professor of Education and Social Policy. "The pandemic and its economic consequences are upending youths’ social lives and their visions for their futures."

Madison College psychology instructor Dr. Jenna Behm-Lawton recently talked to Wisconsin Public Radio about the survey and also shared advice on how to stay calm during this stressful time. Additional help is available on the college's Counseling Services web page.