Sweet career change

Fifth Scoop vegan ice cream

After working as a technical writer for more than two years, Ellen Coatney decided it was time to call it quits and follow her dream. So, she signed up for Madison College's Baking/Decorative Arts program.

“To me, writing is abstract and cerebral, I would come home and think, ‘I know I worked today but maybe ended up deleting half of what I wrote.’ It felt like a back and forth process,” she told Madison Magazine. “Baking is the opposite — it was hands-on and active and at the end of it I could show what I had done.”

Not long after graduating from the college's baking program, Coatney told the magazine she backpacked through Europe and learned how to make gelato. That led to her new business - Fifth Scoop Non-Dairy Ice Cream. Instead of cream, Fifth Scoop uses a base of coconut and oat milks. 

Interested in a career change? Check out Madison College's Baking and Decorative Arts program.

(Photo courtesy of Fifth Scoop)