Madison College District Board of Trustees

Madison Area Technical College functions within the Wisconsin Technical College System.

The Madison College District includes most of Columbia County, Dane County, Jefferson County, Marquette County, Sauk County, and specific school districts in Adams County, Dodge County, Green County, Iowa County, Juneau County, Richland County and Rock County.

Madison Area Technical College District Map

Madison Area Technical College is operated under the direction of the Madison College District Board. The role of the Madison College District Board is to function as a collective body that is the official link between the college and the community it serves, and to represent the community to the college by determining and assuring appropriate organizational performance, enacting policies on governance issues and executive limitations, monitoring college effectiveness, and assessing the President's performance. In January 2006 the Madison College District Board established End Statements (below) for the college. "End" refers to the effect the college seeks to have on the world outside itself.

Meeting Schedule

Effective September 2, 2015, the Madison College District Board conducts business meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Board Room at Madison Area Technical College's Truax Campus. Additional meetings to share information and have discussions (non-action meetings) are scheduled as needed.

(The annual organizational meeting is conducted on the second Monday in July as required by state statute)

Aug. 2
Sept. 6
Oct. 4
Nov. 1
Dec. 6
Jan. 3
Feb. 7
March 7
April 4
May 2
June 6
July 9


In May 1996, the Madison College District Board developed board policies that reflect the Policy Governance model for leading the college. These policies are reviewed and updated periodically as needed.

In September 2013, the District Board engaged in a process to review the Policy Governance model with the assistance of consultant Miriam Carver. During this process, the board conducted a thorough review of its policies and updated them to correspond with current Policy Governance practices.

The updated District Board Governance policies (PDF, 311KB) were adopted on March 12, 2014.

End Statements

Madison Area Technical College exists so that community residents and students have the knowledge and skills necessary for economic and educational development.

1.1 Education:  Students achieve their educational goals.

1.1.1 Job Seekers
Job seekers have the qualifications, skills and abilities to succeed.

1.1.2 Students
Students seeking transfer will succeed at their next educational institution.

1.1.3 Lifelong Learning Adults
Lifelong learning adults will achieve their workplace and personal enrichment goals.

1.2 Economy:  Communities have the leadership and educational resources to generate and sustain economic base jobs.

1.2.1 Community Leadership
Leaders understand the importance of economic base jobs to the region.

1.3 College:  Leaders are proactive in promoting access and eliminating achievement and skills gaps based on diverse backgrounds and income.

1.4 Communities:  District residents are engaged with Madison Area Technical College.

End Statements Adopted 6-11-14
Reapproved 7-13-15

District Plan of Representation

Madison Area Technical College seeks to serve the communities of our district as defined by  Chapter 38, Wisconsin Statutes. The purpose of our District Plan of Representation (PDF, 176K), as defined by this statute, outlines how the District Board members shall be appointed. It states that the appointment committee responsible for selecting District Board members shall give equal consideration to the general population distribution within the district and the distribution of women and minorities within the district.  

Madison Area Technical College shares the District Plan of Representation with anyone in the college district who may be interested in the data. This report summarizes district population and labor force information, disaggregated by demographics. Data is generated in accordance with State regulations governing the Wisconsin Technical College System.  

Annually, Madison Area Technical College updates the District Plan of Representation estimates to include the most recent census information and projections. County information is pro-rated to include only those portions of counties within Madison Area Technical College district boundaries.

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