Employer Resources

Thank you for your interest in hiring Madison College students and alumni. Below you will find information about on-campus recruiting, events and job-posting opportunities.

  • Employer Contact

    Please fill out our Employer Contact Form linked below to connect with Career and Employment Services and advise us of your recruitment needs. Once received, someone from our office with reach out to you, typically within three business days.


  • Post a Job

    Post part-time, full-time and internship positions on Wisconsin TechConnect™.  This free online tool connects employers to students and graduates from all 16 Wisconsin Technical Colleges. 

    Wisconsin TechConnect™ Job Postings provide:

    • Exposure to students and graduates of the Wisconsin Technical College System
    • A “single entry” to all 16 technical colleges
    • Emails to job seekers who match the program/skills criteria included in job postings 
    • Online accessibility to student and alumni résumés within 72 hours of posting your job

    How do I post a position?

    1. Each employer must register to use the site.
    2. Your registration creates your individual account and automatically retains your job postings for future editing and re-posting. If your company is already registered, please do not register again. Instead, click on your company name and review the contact information and instructions.
    3. After registering, you will receive an email confirming your employer identification and password enabling you to utilize Wisconsin TechConnect at your convenience.
    4. Once your job posting is entered, the system will automatically conduct a search for colleges that offer a program which directly pertains to the category/subcategory you have selected.
    5. From there, you will have the ability to select one or more of the colleges available to forward your postings.
    6. Jobs may be posted from 7 to 90 days.

    For more information about Wisconsin TechConnect, please email the TechConnect Specialist or call (608) 246-6401. 

  • Come to Campus

    Recruit On Campus

    Employers may reserve a table at the Madison College Truax campus once per semester to recruit students for job openings. For inquiries related to on-campus recruitment, please email Rochelle Wanner.

    Attend a Career or Job Fair

    Are you seeking part-time employees? A part-time job fair for students is held once in the fall. Please contact Rochelle Wanner for more information.

  • Diversify and Engage Your Future Workforce

    Madison College's Employment Success Program (ESP), WorkSmart Network and Nontraditional Occupations/Tools for Tomorrow Program can help you engage and recruit a diverse pool of qualified candidates. We work with our business partners to arrange career panels, mock interviews, job shadows, internships and on-the-job training opportunities.

    The Employment Success Program (ESP) is funded by a Federal Perkins grant to serve at-risk students experiencing challenges with finding employment by offering ongoing, one-on-one career and employment services.

    The WorkSmart Network is a team supported by the Workforce Development Board that specializes in delivering innovative workforce services and solutions to prepare workers for the needs of business and industry.

    A non-traditional career is defined as one in which fewer than 25 percent of the workforce is of one gender. For women, many non-traditional careers fall into a few broad categories of jobs, such as skilled trades, scientific/technical and supervisory. And while fewer non-traditional careers are available for men than women, these careers tend to involve education, health and service-related jobs.

  • Hire an Intern

    Internships are often coordinated within academic programs and integrate classroom learning with a related work experience that is mutually beneficial to the student and the employer.

    The start date and the length of the internship will depend on the employer's needs, the student's availability and the program requirements. Generally, a faculty internship coordinator from Madison College will be assigned to oversee the intern's learning experience. 

    If you need assistance getting connected to one of the faculty internship coordinators, please contact one of our CES Internship Advisors at 608-243-4598 or careerandemployment@madisoncollege.edu.

  • View Graduate Report

    Madison College’s annual Graduate Report provides information regarding graduate employment trends, salaries and employer partners that hire MATC students.

    The Graduate Employment Report is the result of the annual six-month Graduate Employment Survey. That survey assesses:

    • Madison College graduates' success in gaining employment related to their field of study
    • Graduates' reactions to training received at Madison College
    • Salary information, location of employment and when employment was secured

Learn more about Career and Employment Services.