International Education

Madison College believes a global education is important. Employers today want graduates who can work in diverse teams and who can work with customers and suppliers around the world. The Center for International Education (CIE) helps meet these needs by providing global learning opportunities, infusing international education into coursework, and welcoming international students from around the world to our campuses. Find out how you can become more globally engaged by connecting to CIE programs.

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    International Admissions

    Find out how to apply for international admission or how to transfer an F-1 visa to Madison College.

  • International Student Services

    International Student Services

    Learn the next steps to take once your are admitted, find important visa information, and discover resources for current international students.

  • Madison College Study Abroad in Peru

    Education & Study Abroad Opportunities

    Explore education and study abroad opportunities offered by Madison College for students seeking international experience.

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    Get Involved

    Learn about the many opportunities CIE offers to get involved in cross-cultural activities on campus and in the community.

  • Employers value: cultural sensitivity; intercultural communication skills; interaction with visitors from other cultures and countries

    Global Competencies

    As requested by advisory boards and employer needs, MATC continues to support and facilitate a wide-ranging internationalization of the college, cultivating global competencies for our students and our community.

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    International Opportunities

    MATC offers a global studies certificate for student academic growth. The college is a leader in the Community College Sustainable Development Network, which provides training and collaboration of programs to other community colleges for the benefit of students.