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Technical Diploma

Program Number: 311621

Credits: 35

Area of Study: Business

Delivery Method:
100% Online*
Some Online / Some In Person*

Financial Aid Available

Estimated Program Cost:

Tuition - $4,935.00
Materials/Supplemental Costs
Other Costs
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The Risk Management & Insurance technical diploma at Madison College will teach you the basics of the insurance industry and its products, including:

  • Differentiating between property, casualty, life and health insurance products
  • Evaluating the different career opportunities available
  • Handling a claim from report to settlement
  • Identifying business hazards and the methods for managing them
  • Minimizing the potential of a loss for a business
  • Protecting a business from employee fraud
  • Understanding the types of insurance a business needs

MATC's Risk Management & Insurance program is a great addition to your professional skill set if you have already earned an associate or bachelor’s degree in Business, IT, Criminal Justice, Construction or Auto Body.

Madison College also offers continuing education in the field of insurance. Some of these courses are approved in Wisconsin for continuing education credits. Other professional-development insurance-related courses are offered through the School of Professional and Continuing Education.

Program Details

Students in the Risk Management & Insurance technical diploma program can attend full or part time.

Risk Management & Insurance classes may be offered at these Madison College campuses:

  • Madison - Truax

Explore financial aid eligibility for this program.

Your advantages at Madison College:

  • Madison College offers scholarships for credit courses. There are additional funds available specifically for the risk management and insurance courses that have been donated by various organizations within these industries. Any MATC student who is enrolled or planning to enroll in an insurance course(s) and is not receiving employer reimbursement is encouraged to apply.
  • Upon completion of Introduction Loss Investigations and Managing Business Risks, you may register for the corresponding national exam towards certification as an Associate in Claims, and/or Associate in Risk Management. These courses use material developed by The Institutes.
  • Register to take the Wisconsin Intermediary Licensing Exams after completing Intro to Property & Casualty Insurance - Pre-Liscensing and Intro to Life & Health Insurance. 

To Apply

After Acceptance

Once you are admitted into your program, review the Start of Semester Checklist to prepare for your first day of classes at MATC.


Contact Enrollment Services at EnrollmentServices@madisoncollege.edu or (608) 246-6210.


Prospective program students, the information below reflects the basic requirements for students admitted for the 2021-2022 academic year. To learn more about Madison College, visit us.

Current program students (including newly admitted), go directly to your Degree Progress Report (also referred to as an Advising Report or Academic Requirements) to view:

  • Progress toward your specific requirements
  • Alternative (in lieu of) courses to meet specific requirements

If you have questions after reviewing your report, please see Advising Services.


There are currently no Transfer Partnerships for this program. Review our Transfer Opportunities page for information on all Madison College transfer options.


Wisconsin has the 5th largest concentration of insurance companies in the nation boasting over 124,000 jobs and paying wages 69% higher than other industries in the state.  Insurance companies consistently rank in the top 25 employers in our state.

There is a lack of educational programs in Wisconsin offering a quick and easy method to prepare students for employment in insurance and risk management fields. Madison College is the exception. Upon completion of the Risk Management & Insurance technical diploma, you may qualify for the following positions:

  • Customer Service/Account Management
  • Claims Assistant/Adjuster
  • Underwriting Assistant
  • Insurance Sales

With additional education and/or experience, graduates may find employment as a(n):

  • Underwriter
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Insurance Account Manager

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  • Graduate Summary
    Graduate Report Summary Overview

    Number of Program Graduates13
    Number of Surveys Sent13
    Number of Surveys Returned11
    Percent of Surveys Returned100.0%33.3%
    Available for Employment11
    Percent Available for Employment100.0%100.0%
    Not in Labor Market00
    Percent Not in Labor Market0.0%0.0%
    Available for Employment

    Graduates Employed11
    Percent of Graduates Employed100.0%100.0%
    Employed in Related Occupation10
    Percent Employed in Related Occupation100.0%0.0%
    Employed in Unrelated Occupation01
    Percent Employed in Unrelated Occupation0.0%100.0%
    Employed - No Response00
    Percent Employed - No Response0.0%0.0%
    Seeking Employment00
    Percent Seeking Employment0.0%0.0%
    Reaction To Training at Madison College

    Student satisfaction Mean (Out of 4)44
    Number of Satisfaction Responses11
    Very Satisfied (4)11
    Percent Very Satisfied100.0%100.0%
    Satisfied (3)00
    Percent Satisfied0.0%0.0%
    Unsatisfied (2)00
    Percent Unsatisfied0.0%0.0%
    Very Unsatisfed (1)00
    Percent Very Unsatisfied0.0%0.0%
    Primary Reason for Attending Madison College

    Number of Primary Reason Responses11
    Preparation for Getting a Job00
    Percent Preparation for Getting a Job0.0%0.0%
    Career Change01
    Percent Career Change0.0%100.0%
    Improvement of Existing Skills10
    Percent Improvement of Existing Skills100.0%0.0%
    Preparation for Further Education00
    Percent Preparation for Further Education0.0%0.0%
    Personal Interest00
    Percent Personal Interest0.0%0.0%
    Percent Other0.0%0.0%
    When Employment was Obtained

    Number of When Employment Obtained Responses11
    Before Enrollment00
    Percent Before Enrollment0.0%0.0%
    While Attending the College10
    Percent While Attending the College100.0%0.0%
    After Training at the College01
    Percent After Training at the College0.0%100.0%
    Location of Employment (related and unrelated)

    Number of Employment Location Responses11
    In College District10
    Percent In College District100.0%0.0%
    In Wisconsin, Not in District00
    Percent of In Wisconsin0.0%0.0%
    Outside of Wisconsin01
    Percent Outside Wisconsin0.0%100.0%
    Employer Location Unknown00
    Percent Location Unknown0.0%0.0%
    Salary Trend
    Salary Trend20192020
    Full Time Employment (Related Job)Full Time Salary Count1
    Average Monthly Wage$2,107
    Average Hourly Wage$12.25
    Average Work Hours per Week40.0
    Part Time Employment (Related Job)Part Time Salary Count
    Average Hourly Wage
    Average Work Hours per Week
  • Graduate Employers
    Graduate Employers for academic year: 2019
    Employer(s) Job Title City* State** Positions
    Gorichs Corporation Shift Manager Sauk City

    * - Only cities outside of Madison will display.

    ** - Only states outside of Wisconsin will display.

    *** - If you have a position to post, please contact Career and Employment Services at jobpostings@madisoncollege.edu


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