Educating the Educators about Solar Energy

STEM instructors installing solar panels

Madison College is once again hosting the CREATE Energy Solar Institute on campus to help STEM instructors from across the state get hands on experience with solar energy generation and installation.

The program is designed to better equip these educators to teach their students about how solar energy works. The educators leave the session equipped with lessons, classroom equipment and a unique hands-on learning experience.

The first session with 22 STEM instructors was held earlier in July with a second session scheduled for August 1-3. The second session will expand the focus from just solar energy generation to energy storage as well.

“The CREATE Energy Solar Institute is a terrific way to work with STEM instructors to ensure that they have all of the tools and curricula to go back to their students with engaging lessons about how solar works and the impact that it can have on all of us,” said Madison College Science, Engineering, and Renewable Energy Instructor, Ken Walz, who has been involved with the program since it first came to Madison College.

Madison College first held the Create Energy Solar Institute in 2015 and has been hosting it annually with a break during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Institute is sponsored by the CREATE Energy Center, a program of the National Science Foundation.