Love trees? Check out a career in Urban Forestry

Associate Degree
Madison College's Urban Forestry program

If you enjoy working outside and climbing trees, then Madison College's Urban Forestry program could be for you.

"With climate change, and people seeing the value of trees, I think that this field is going to have a lot to offer people for not only getting a great job, being able to work outside and being able to be hands on, but also for cities to kind of be able to tap into the resources of being able to take care of the infrastructure, their green spaces, and kind of look forward to the future of having healthier and safer trees," instructor Mark Sundlin told Channel 27.  

Students learn about tree maintenance and management, aerial tree work, plant health care, tree selection and planting, and equipment safety and operation. Here's a bird's-eye view of the program from Channel 3.

Visit the college's Urban Forestry program.