Woman achieves associate degree, technical diplomas, master’s degree in same year


Jennifer Novey, 18, of Pardeeville, Wis. made a New Year’s resolution to graduate from everything in 2017. This month she will receive three credentials from Madison Area Technical College: an administrative professional associate degree, plus technical diplomas in office assistant and Microsoft Office.

But wait. There’s more. 

Jennifer Novey sits at a desk in front of computer monitors.

In June, Novey will complete a certificate in web development with a concentration in website design from the University of California-Davis and, in August, she will finish up a master’s degree in theology from Liberty University.

Accelerated academics

Novey has always been dedicated to her education. As a home schooler, she completed high school at 15. She earned an online bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute two years later.

“My parents helped me decide which courses to take and which ones I could test out of,” she said. “They also helped me prepare for the College Level Examination Program tests.” Novey gained 30 credits through CLEP, which helped her move quickly to receiving her degree.

Last March, Novey enrolled at Madison College because she wanted a more practical degree. She chose the Administrative Professional program because she really enjoys administrative work. During the past year, she worked as an intern in the Communications and Strategic Marketing Department of the college and received the Outstanding Student Employee of the Year Award.

“Jenny possesses an innate talent for organization, a generous nature and the willingness to step outside her comfort zone,” said Vicki Saffran, senior marketing planner for the college, and Jenny’s internship supervisor. “We will benefit from the systems she put in place long after she graduates from Madison College.”

Despite all the studying, reading, test preparation, internship and course work, Novey still had time with friends, her parents, younger brother and twin sister. In her spare moments, she enjoys taking walks or biking. “I also like to mess around with web design,” she said.

After completing all her credentials, Novey will begin her job search. Her ultimate goal is to gain an administrative position with a Christian mission agency.