IT-Cloud Support Associate

Associate Degree

Program number: 101571

Credits: 63

Area of Study: Information Technology

Financial Aid Available

Estimated Program Cost:

Tuition - $8,599.50
Materials/Supplemental Costs
Other Costs
Total Estimated Program Costs*:

There is a growing need for IT professionals with experience in cloud computing and virtualization technologies. With an associate degree from Madison College in IT-Cloud Support Associate, you will learn the fundamentals of architecture, deployment, management and operations on leading cloud computing platforms. 

Valuable skills sought by employers including cloud-based identity management, networking, infrastructure migration and management, application deployment and automation, as well as security and cost controls are at the core of this program.

The IT-Cloud Support Associate focuses on the Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud environments. The virtual computing capability and cloud services offered by these two industry leaders are revolutionizing the way business of all sizes approach their information technology needs.

Program Details

Students in the IT-Cloud Support Associate program can attend full or part time.

The core classes unique to the IT-Cloud Support Associate program are offered only during the day.

IT-Cloud Support Associate classes may be offered at these Madison College campuses:

  • Madison - Truax

Explore financial aid eligibility for this program. 

** note that if starting in Spring term, it may take 5 semesters to complete program.
Courses core to the IT-Cloud Support Associate program will only be offered during the daytime for students accepted in the Spring term.

Some of the courses for this program may be available online.

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To Apply

After Acceptance

Once you are admitted into your program, review the Start of Semester Checklist to prepare for your first day of classes at MATC. 


Contact Enrollment Services at or (608) 246-6210.


Prospective program students, the information below reflects the basic requirements for students admitted for the 2020-2021 academic year. To learn more about Madison College, visit us.

Current program students (including newly admitted), go directly to your Degree Progress Report (also referred to as an Advising Report or Academic Requirements) to view:

  • Progress toward your specific requirements
  • Alternative (in lieu of) courses to meet specific requirements

If you have questions after reviewing your report, please see Advising Services.


There are currently no Transfer Partnerships for this program. Review our Transfer Opportunities page for information on all Madison College transfer options.


After completing the IT-Cloud Support Associate program at Madison Area Technical College, you will be able to:

  • Install, configure and support industry standard client/server operating systems.
  • Install, configure and support network devices.
  • Solve problems individually and in a team environment.
  • Develop scripting for IT automation.
  • Deploy, configure and support services in a cloud environment.
  • Use DevOps methodology to deploy IT applications.
  • Develop and deploy software defined IT infrastructure.
  • Architect and implement virtualized computing platforms.

Madison College associate degree graduates are ready for a range of professional positions in the field of cloud support including:

  • Cloud System Administrator 
  • Cloud Support Associate
  • Cloud Support Engineer

With additional work experience you may be qualified for employment as a Cloud Solutions Architect. 

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