A Century of Innovation: Statement from President Jack Daniels

Madison College President Jack Daniels

With more than a century of success to draw upon, Madison Area Technical College (Madison College) is ready to fuel revitalization of our businesses and industries in Madison, Dane County and the 11 counties and numerous cities and towns we serve.  

We are strategically positioned to enhance current partnerships with local businesses as well as to establish new opportunities. Madison College has always supported employers within our 12-county district—through good economic times and bad—to come back stronger, meet workforce goals and subsequently the goals of your particular business or industry. 

In our 109-year history, Madison College has successfully guided and educated residents of our district. Our students are hired by numerous employers in a vast number of areas. Many of our alumni serve our communities as leaders in their fields. Fifty-five years ago, Madison College began to offer programs to allow students to transfer to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and since has become UW-Madison’s largest transfer institution. This practice has grown to include a large number of colleges and universities, public and private, that accept our students into their institutions – many at the junior level.  

Madison College is an innovator. Our program graduates in biotechnology, renewable energy, paralegal, health, business and human services programs are shaping our future. Further, programs in construction, automobile technologies, advanced manufacturing, hospitality, robotics, and information technology are training thousands of students to obtain jobs that have family-sustaining wages. We offer more than 150 programs that provide opportunities for individuals to see and map out their career aspirations.  

We are primed and positioned well to meet the economic and industry needs of our communities and businesses. Our job placement rate for students receiving a certificate or degree from us is consistently in the mid-to-upper 90 percentile. This is why we are so very important to our district’s residents. We talk success and walk it daily with our excellent faculty and staff.  

This past year has been very difficult and stressful. Yet, we have arisen to the challenges brought on by the pandemic and issues of race that affect us all. We have continued to safely fulfill our mission to serve students and made substantial progress toward improving racial equity within our college through plans based in evidence, assessment and documented action. We are engaged with community leaders and partners—ranging from business to residential, to community-based organizations and our educational partners—in K-12 as well as our university colleagues. Collaboration is the key, and as we build partnerships we extend our resources to improve economic and community development.  

Madison College is here to train our workforce, not just for today, but for years to come. Our Vision 2030 planning will ensure we are prepared to provide our district’s employers with a qualified workforce. We do and will continue to provide substantial training for current employees to be upskilled and retained in their employment. We will continue to take individuals where they are and provide the education and training opportunities that propel them to meet their goals.  

Prepared from our successes, engaged with our students, committed to our business and residential  communities, and evidenced by efforts to sustain what we do, we look forward to serving the broader community well beyond the effects of the pandemic and racial inequities. 

Dr. Jack E. Daniels, III
Madison College President