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Biotechnology Laboratory Support Assistant
Program Number: 300071
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Technical Diploma
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Science, Math and Natural Resources
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100% In Person
Estimated Time to Complete:
9 Credits | Finish diploma in 1 semester
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  • Program Overview

    Madison College's Biotechnology Laboratory Support Assistant Diploma offers hands-on training needed for successful entry into today's biotech job market.

    The Biotechnology Laboratory Support Assistant Diploma is a good fit for recent high school graduates, professionals returning to the workforce or changing careers, or those looking to start a career in biotechnology while continuing their education.  

    Diploma Program Preparation

    • A year of high school biology.

    Program Courses

    Courses emphasize workplace skills in communication, safety, time management and professionalism. Classes will introduce you to technical skills in:

    • Working aseptically
    • Making media and solutions
    • Growing bacteria in culture
    • Maintaining proper documentation
    • Basic laboratory instrumentation

    Courses are developed with local industry advice and are taught in fully-equipped laboratories that allow you access to the supplies and equipment used in the biotech industry.

    The Biotechnology Laboratory Support Assistant Diploma can be completed in two semesters.

    Upon graduation, you can start a biotechnology career in an entry level support position in the industry. 

    Program Details

    Students in the Biotechnology Laboratory Support Assistant embedded technical diploma can attend full or part-time.

    Biotechnology Laboratory Support Assistant classes may be offered at these Madison College Campuses:

    • Madison - Truax


    The Biotechnology Laboratory Support Assistant Diploma curriculum provides students with appropriate background knowledge and hands-on experience to perform entry level support tasks in the Biotechnology Industry such as maintaining a clean and/or sterile work environment, working aseptically, working safely, working in collaborative teams, making solutions, and producing and maintaining proper documentation

    Earning your Biotechnology Laboratory Support Assistant embedded technical diploma at Madison Area Technical College prepares you for valuable work in: 

    • Lab Assistant: monitoring equipment; sample preparation; glassware; media and solution preparation.
    • Biological Science Aide: instrumentation; glassware; stocks and supplies; set up and takedown of experiments; sample preparation.
    • Laboratory Support Technician: maintenance of lab systems and resources; preparation of laboratory reagents and solutions.
    • Lab Operations Associate: reagent production and testing; assist in process and method development, characterization, and validation; materials management; packaging, shipping, receiving, and distribution of goods and supplies.

    With additional education and/or work experience, graduates may find employment as:

    • Laboratory technicians
    • Production technicians
    • QA/QC technicians

    Over 90% of Madison Area Technical College Biotech students are placed in related jobs. Graduates have worked in more than 50 different companies in the Dane County area. 

    Program Video

    Learn more about Biotechnology and your future career options.

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  • Curriculum and Experience

    Prospective program students, the information below reflects the basic requirements for students admitted for the 2023-2024 academic year. To learn more about Madison College, visit us.

    Current and newly admitted program students, go directly to your Degree Progress Report to view:

    • Progress toward your specific requirements
    • Alternative (in lieu of) courses to meet specific requirements

    If you have questions after reviewing your degree progress report (advisement report), please see Advising Services.

  • Admission

    To Apply

    Earning a degree is a great way to advance your career development opportunities, so apply today!

    International students who wish to apply for, maintain, or transfer their F-1 student visa status to Madison College are required to complete the International Admission Process.

    Application Dates

    Fall 2024

    • Application open
    • Application completion deadline is August 31, 2024

    Spring 2025

    • Application open
    • Application completion deadline is January 15, 2025

    Admission Requirements

    All materials must be submitted by the application deadline.

    1. Admission Application

    The online application allows you to save your work as you complete it and ensures fast, secure delivery to our office.

    2. Education Completion
    Official transcripts must be sent from the institutions you attended and indicate one of the following:

    • High school transcript (current high school seniors may submit an in-progress transcript)
    • GED/HSED transcript
    • College transcript(s) showing:
      • Completion of an associate degree or higher, or
      • At least 30 credits completed with a minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4-point scale
        • The credits must be completed at a single college and cannot be combined with other transcripts
        • Any transfer credit listed on a transcript does not count toward the 30-credit minimum

    All high school and/or college transcripts are recommended to be submitted for Credit for Prior Learning evaluation.

    Additional Notes

    • Class capacity is limited and is available on a first come, first served basis.
    • Course prerequisites differ from admission requirements; admission into a program does not guarantee eligibility to enroll in courses or success in the program. Refer to program curriculum for details.

    After Acceptance

    Once you are admitted into your program, review the Start of Semester Checklist to prepare for your first day of classes at Madison College. 


    Contact the Enrollment Center at EnrollmentServices@madisoncollege.edu or 608.246.6210.

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    Apply to Madison College and take the first step towards your Biotechnology Laboratory Support Assistant career.

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  • Career Outcomes

    MATC Biotechnology Laboratory Support Assistant embedded technical diploma graduates are prepared to:

    • Follow policies and procedures in regulated laboratory environments.
    • Follow health and safety protocols.
    • Demonstrate a variety of math and laboratory skills.
    • Apply active listening, oral, and written communication skills to follow procedures.
    • Adhere to professional and ethical standards in the biotechnology profession.
    • Graduate Summary

      Graduate Report Summary Overview

      Number of Program Graduates1199
      Number of Surveys Sent1199
      Number of Surveys Returned197
      Percent of Surveys Returned
      Available for Employment010
      Percent Available for Employment0.00%100.00%0.00%
      Not in Labor Market
      Percent Not in Labor Market100.00%800.00%233.30%
      Available for Employment

      Graduates Employed010
      Percent of Graduates Employed100.00%
      Employed in Related Occupation000
      Percent Employed in Related Occupation0.00%
      Employed in Unrelated Occupation010
      Percent Employed in Unrelated Occupation100.00%
      Employed - No Response000
      Percent Employed - No Response0.00%
      Seeking Employment000
      Percent Seeking Employment0.00%
      Reaction To Training at Madison College

      Student satisfaction Mean (Out of 4)333.7
      Number of Satisfaction Responses113
      Very Satisfied (4)002
      Percent Very Satisfied0.00%0.00%66.70%
      Satisfied (3)111
      Percent Satisfied100.00%100.00%33.30%
      Unsatisfied (2)000
      Percent Unsatisfied0.00%0.00%0.00%
      Very Unsatisfed (1)000
      Percent Very Unsatisfied0.00%0.00%0.00%
      Primary Reason for Attending Madison College

      Number of Primary Reason Responses197
      Preparation for Getting a Job000
      Percent Preparation for Getting a Job0.00%0.00%0.00%
      Career Change001
      Percent Career Change0.00%0.00%14.30%
      Improvement of Existing Skills000
      Percent Improvement of Existing Skills0.00%0.00%0.00%
      Preparation for Further Education095
      Percent Preparation for Further Education0.00%100.00%71.40%
      Personal Interest101
      Percent Personal Interest100.00%0.00%14.30%
      Percent Other0.00%0.00%0.00%
      When Employment was Obtained

      Number of When Employment Obtained Responses010
      Before Enrollment000
      Percent Before Enrollment0.00%
      While Attending the College000
      Percent While Attending the College0.00%
      After Training at the College010
      Percent After Training at the College100.00%
      Location of Employment (related and unrelated)

      Number of Employment Location Responses010
      In College District010
      Percent In College District100.00%
      In Wisconsin, Not in District000
      Percent of In Wisconsin0.00%
      Outside of Wisconsin000
      Percent Outside Wisconsin0.00%
      Employer Location Unknown000
      Percent Location Unknown0.00%
      Salary Trend
      Salary Trend202020212022
      Full Time Employment (Related Job)Full Time Salary Count
      Average Monthly Wage
      Average Hourly Wage
      Average Work Hours per Week
      Part Time Employment (Related Job)Part Time Salary Count
      Average Hourly Wage
      Average Work Hours per Week
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