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Spanish Language Proficiency Certificate
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Spanish Proficiency
Program Number: 908021CERT
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Education and Social Sciences
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Some Online/Some In Person
Estimated Time to Complete:
10 Credits | Finish in 1 year
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  • Program Overview

    The Spanish Proficiency Certificate focuses on improving language communication skills and cultural understanding. Participants will be ready to actively engage in linguistically diverse communities as well as the workforce by attaining language proficiency in another language besides English.

    Our courses develop language skills, enhance cultural awareness, and provide hands-on experience in the field using the language selected for the certificate. These classes and experiences challenge students to communicate in the language while at the same time increasing their appreciation for cultural differences. Such skills will allow students to gain a better understanding of their linguistically and culturally diverse community and workplace. In this way, students will broaden their own social and cultural perspectives as well as develop highly sought out skills in a globalized workforce.

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    Program Details

    Students earning the Spanish Proficiency Certificate can attend full or part time.

    Liberal Arts Transfer classes may be offered at these Madison College campuses:

    • Madison - Truax
    • Madison - Goodman South Campus
    • Reedsburg
    • Portage
    • Fort Atkinson
    • Watertown

    For more information, please contact Carolina Bailey at CBailey@madisoncollege.edu.

    Your Advantages at Madison College

    • Use the Spanish Proficiency Certificate credits to transfer to other colleges and universities. Many universities strongly encourage applicants to finish their language requirements prior to transferring.
    • Use the Spanish Proficiency Certificate credits as electives for the Liberal Arts Associate Degree since it incorporates courses from several disciplines.
    • Apply for employment in industries that require language competency in other languages in addition to English.​
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  • Curriculum and Experience

    Prospective program students, the information below reflects the basic requirements for students admitted for the 2024-2025 academic year. To learn more about Madison College, visit us.

    Current and newly admitted program students, go directly to your Degree Progress Report to view:

    • Progress toward your specific requirements
    • Alternative (in lieu of) courses to meet specific requirements

    If you have questions after reviewing your degree progress report (advisement report), please see Advising Services.

    Language Requirement
    Completion of two courses in Spanish (at the Spanish 3 or higher level) is required. At least 3 credits must be enrolled in at Madison College.
    4 credits
    4 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    Practicum Requirement
    Completion of both practicum courses is required.
    Additional Course Requirement
    Completion of at least one of the listed courses is required.
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    Honors courses may be available. See the certificate advisor for details.
    2-3 cerdits
    Oral Competency Assessment Requirement
    Completion of the World Language Oral Assessment with a minimum score of 6 within the last three years is required.
  • Admission

    To Apply

    Earning a certificate is a great way to expand your skill set, and it adds professionalism to a resume. Applications are always open, so apply today!

    International students who wish to apply for, maintain, or transfer their F-1 student visa status to Madison College are required to complete the International Admission Process.

    Fall Application Dates

    • Application open
    • Application completion deadline is October 15, 2024

    Spring Application Dates

    • Application available on September 15, 2024
    • Application completion deadline is March 15, 2025

    Admission Requirements

    All materials must be submitted by the application deadline.

    Official transcripts must be sent from the institutions you attended and indicate one of the following:

    • Successful completion (C or better) of two years high school Spanish
    • Successful completion (C or better) of two semesters college Spanish

    Additional Notes

    • Certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid
    • Class capacity is limited and is available on a first come, first served basis
    • Students who have already completed the certificate coursework at the time of application will receive the certificate diploma at the end of the term of application

    After Acceptance

    Once you are admitted into your program, review the Start of Semester Checklist to prepare for your first day of classes at Madison College. 

    Note: If the language coursework is older than 3 years, it is recommended to take a language placement test to help you enroll in the correct language level after admission.


    Contact the Enrollment Center at EnrollmentServices@madisoncollege.edu or 608.246.6210.

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    Get Started!

    Apply to Madison College and take the first step towards your Spanish Proficiency career.

    It's Free to Apply

  • Career Outcomes

    After completing the Spanish Proficiency Certificate at Madison Area Technical College, you will be able to:

    • Develop language skills through hands on experience in your field of interest or through volunteer opportunities using the language selected.
    • Develop and demonstrate high-level communicative proficiency (orally and in writing) equivalent to ACTFL Intermediate High and above in the target language
    • Interact in the language in an effective and precise manner
    • Network in the community and in the workplace with a better understanding of and appreciation for cultural differences
    • Interpret, value and promote cultural traditions of the target language speakers
    • Demonstrate awareness of regional differences among native language speakers while at the same time acknowledging individual differences
    • Recognize own culture, language and social norms as part of a global culture
    • Develop Madison College core abilities such as communication, critical thinking, global and cultural perspectives, self-management and social interaction to be ready for the workforce.
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