Liberal Arts Transfer

The Liberal Arts Transfer program serves students who wish to earn an associate in arts (AA) or associate in science (AS) degree and/or who intend to transfer to a four-year university. The program provides students with an excellent foundation for continuing in higher education. 

Pre-majors will let you choose a curriculum tailored to support your future transfer goals. The following pre-majors provide a guided pathway with enough flexibility for broad major exploration regardless of your transfer destination.

By completing the associate in arts or associate in science degree at Madison College, students will typically satisfy the first two years of general education requirements for four-year colleges and universities and obtain an educational foundation in a breadth of disciplines.

The School of Arts and Sciences has several diverse departments that offer general education courses that provide students a wide range of real world experiences. For more information, visit our department pages to learn what each area has to offer.


If you have a particular four-year institution in mind, it is important that you verify the transferability of credits to that college for graduation and for your major. If you have not selected a major field of study, enrolling in the Liberal Arts Transfer program will give you exposure to several areas of study and a broad preparation for transfer.

Transfer contracts have been developed to guarantee admission into select four-year institutions, e.g. UW Madison Transfer Contract. Students need to meet with a Madison College transfer advisor to determine eligibility.