Not sure where to start?

Get a broad overview of the transfer process to determine your next step.

Transfer Checklist

Transfer from Madison College

When you think about transferring from Madison College to a four-year college or university to earn your bachelor's degree, it's typical to have many questions about when, where and how to take this important step.

Madison Area Technical College offers the best resources to help you successfully transfer from Madison College to a degree program where you can advance your academic and career plan.

With the help of your program advisor at Madison College, you'll get answers to important questions like:

  • When should I transfer, before or after earning my associate degree?
  • Where can I transfer and what are my options and opportunities?
  • How do I transfer from Madison College and what do I need to do?

Start here to find your best transfer pathway, and count on our help as you take your next steps in the transfer process. Your program advisor is your best resource in developing a successful transfer plan.

When to Transfer

Deciding when to transfer is determined by your transfer school's admission requirements and future major coursework.

You may find there's a benefit to completing your degree before you transfer. Or you may discover that meeting other transfer admission requirements best fits your transfer timeline, or find a way to complete the degree and prepare for admission requirements at the same time. As you gather information, be sure to talk with your program advisor to make decisions that best support your transfer plan.

You may want to transfer after you complete your associate's degree if you:

  • Review the transfer opportunity or articulation agreement between your intended transfer school and Madison College and find that completion of the degree is required. Articulation agreements outline transfer requirements to apply and be admitted to your new college or university.
  • Plan on taking some time off between when you finish at Madison College and begin at your transfer school.
  • Feel that obtaining an associate's degree is a personal goal.
  • Know your employer offers an incentive for a completed associate's degree.

You may want to transfer before you complete your associate's degree if you:

  • Prefer to transfer to a four-year college as soon as possible.
  • Know that earning an associate's degree is not your personal goal.
  • Are under the UW Madison Transfer Contract.
Where to Transfer

Where you transfer to is a very individual choice. Are you looking for a big school with a large student body? Or do you want a small college with a low student-to-faculty ratio? How much are you prepared to spend on your education? Does your future school offer scholarships for transfer students?

Selecting your intended transfer school means doing thorough research—and getting expert guidance from your program advisor at Madison College.

When it's time to explore where you want to transfer to, start by making a list of all that interests you in a new college or university. As you learn more, pare down your list to what fits your needs in terms of desired major and degree program, location, cost and affordability, college size and more.

Madison College offers online transfer resources that will help you explore future colleges and universities, majors and degree programs, and transfer opportunities including the UW Madison Transfer Contract.

MATC faculty and program advisors are also available to assist you as you explore potential transfer schools.

How to Transfer

After you decide when and where to transfer, your next question is: How do I transfer from Madison College?

While transferring to your future school involves planning and preparation, you can count on our help: