Training the Next Generation of Firefighters and EMRs

NextGen Responders Academy students getting directions from their instructor

As the demand for first responders grows, Madison College's NextGen Responders Academy plays an important role in training students and preparing them for the field.

Motivated high school students can enroll in this program and learn the critical skills to become Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) and Fire Technicians. Better yet, the training these students receive puts them in a position for immediate job placement. 

The NextGen Responders Academy courses are available to any Wisconsin high school junior or senior. Students can expect hands-on learning in a fast-paced environment, and they'll learn from experienced instructors like Adam Perez, a firefighter with the city of Madison and instructor for seven years with the academy.

Spectrum News stopped by class to talk with Perez and get a first-hand look at the training these students go through. View the full story at Spectrum News. 

Learn more about the training high school students can receive as part of Madison College's NextGen Responders Academy.