Far from being scared, you find the dentist’s office sort of fascinating. Maybe there’s a job there. (Hint: It’s this one.)
Dental Assistant
Recent Graduates
There are 48 recent graduates of this Madison College program.
Student Satisfaction
99% of our recent graduates report they are satisfied with their Madison College education.
Annual Salary
Our recent graduates of this program reported an average starting salary of $35,592.
Dental Assistant
Program Number: 305082
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Technical Diploma
Area of Study:
Health Sciences
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Some Online / Some In Person
Estimated Time to Complete:
16 Credits | Finish training in as little as 1 year (programs vary)
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$2,256.00 Tuition
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  • Program Overview

    Madison College's Dental Assistant program trains you to perform chairside assisting and related office and laboratory procedures under the direction and supervision of a dentist.

    The Dental Assistant program includes instruction and practical experience in how to identify, use and care of dental equipment and instruments; expose and process radiographs; record medical and dental information; assist with dental emergencies; perform basic office procedures; and maintain an inventory of supplies.

    Program Details

    Dental Assistant is a one-semester, full-time program. Students are accepted for fall, spring and summer semesters.

    Classes are offered Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. - 3:20 p.m. 

    Dental Assistant program classes may be offered at these Madison College campuses:

    • Madison - Truax


    Earning your Dental Assistant Technical Diploma at Madison Area Technical College prepares you for valuable work as a:

    • Chairside Assistant - working directly with the dentist in the treatment area.
    • Laboratory Assistant - performing laboratory functions as directed by the dentist.
    • Receptionists/Office Assistant - responsible for operation of the business office.
    • Claims Approver - working for an insurance company approving dental insurance claims. 

    With additional education and/or work experience you may find employment as a:

    • Dental Office Manager - responsible for operation of the practice. 
    • Dental Laboratory Technician - performing mechanical, technically skilled tasks specified by the written prescription of the dentist.
    • Dental Sales Representative - working for a dental supply business, providing products and services to dental offices.
  • Curriculum and Experience

    Prospective program students, the information below reflects the basic requirements for students admitted for the 2021-2022 academic year. To learn more about Madison College, visit us.

    Current and newly admitted program students, go directly to your Degree Progress Report to view:

    • Progress toward your specific requirements
    • Alternative (in lieu of) courses to meet specific requirements

    If you have questions after reviewing your degree progress report (advisement report), please see Advising Services.

    First Semester
  • Admission

    To Apply

    Students need to complete the petition process to get into core-program classes for this program. Before submitting an application, it’s important to review the Petition Process webpage which also includes estimated wait times for each program.

      After Acceptance

      Once you have been accepted in a pre-program status, your next step is to complete the Petition Requirements. See the Petition information in the next section.    

      Additional Notes

      Students will be required to meet the current admission and petition requirements. Requirements must be amended any time accreditation requirements are updated or changed. Requirements may also be amended based on Madison College programmatic assessment data.


      Contact Enrollment Services at EnrollmentServices@madisoncollege.edu or 608.246.6210.

    • Petition

      After Acceptance

      After you have been admitted into a pre-program status, complete all of the Petition Requirements for your program. Login to your student account and run a Degree Progress Report to review the Petition Requirements and see which requirements you have completed and which need to be satisfied.

      Requirements vary by program, and may include some or all of the following:

      • Prerequisites (examples: Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry, Biology, English and Reading): This varies by program
      • Course Requirements (examples: Anatomy and Physiology, Intro to Psychology, etc.): This varies by program
      • Testing Requirement (examples: ACT, HESI, TEAS): This varies by program
      • Petition Workshop: This is done online and can be found in Blackboard after you have been admitted in a pre-program status

      You can view the Petition Requirements for this program using the links below.

      Summer 2021, Fall 2021 and Spring 2022

      Summer 2022, Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

      After completing the petition requirements, students are then selected for entry into core program courses through the Petition Process.


      Contact Enrollment Services at EnrollmentServices@madisoncollege.edu or 608.246.6210.

    • Career Outcomes

      After completing the Dental Assistant program at Madison Area Technical College, you will be able to:

      • Perform a variety of entry-level supportive dental procedures
      • Manage infection and hazard control
      • Produce diagnostic radiographs
      • Perform basic dental laboratory procedures
      • Demonstrate professional behaviors, ethics and appearance
      • Graduate Summary

        Graduate Report Summary Overview

        2018 2019 2020
        Number of Program Graduates 43 47 48
        Number of Surveys Sent 43 47 48
        Number of Surveys Returned 33 37 32
        Percent of Surveys Returned
        Available for Employment 30 26 29
        Percent Available for Employment 100.0% 89.7% 90.6%
        Not in Labor Market 3 10 3
        Percent Not in Labor Market 10.0% 34.5% 9.4%
        Available for Employment

        2018 2019 2020
        Graduates Employed 26 26 28
        Percent of Graduates Employed 86.7% 100.0% 96.6%
        Employed in Related Occupation 22 23 22
        Percent Employed in Related Occupation 84.6% 88.5% 78.6%
        Employed in Unrelated Occupation 3 3 5
        Percent Employed in Unrelated Occupation 11.5% 11.5% 17.9%
        Employed - No Response 1 0 1
        Percent Employed - No Response 3.8% 0.0% 3.6%
        Seeking Employment 4 0 1
        Percent Seeking Employment 13.3% 0.0% 3.4%
        Reaction To Training at Madison College

        2018 2019 2020
        Student satisfaction Mean (Out of 4) 3.3 3.5 3.4
        Number of Satisfaction Responses 30 28 32
        Very Satisfied (4) 14 15 14
        Percent Very Satisfied 46.7% 53.6% 43.8%
        Satisfied (3) 14 13 18
        Percent Satisfied 46.7% 46.4% 56.3%
        Unsatisfied (2) 0 0 0
        Percent Unsatisfied 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
        Very Unsatisfed (1) 2 0 0
        Percent Very Unsatisfied 6.7% 0.0% 0.0%
        Primary Reason for Attending Madison College

        2018 2019 2020
        Number of Primary Reason Responses 33 36 32
        Preparation for Getting a Job 13 8 20
        Percent Preparation for Getting a Job 39.4% 22.2% 62.5%
        Career Change 8 6 4
        Percent Career Change 24.2% 16.7% 12.5%
        Improvement of Existing Skills 1 0 0
        Percent Improvement of Existing Skills 3.0% 0.0% 0.0%
        Preparation for Further Education 10 19 7
        Percent Preparation for Further Education 30.3% 52.8% 21.9%
        Personal Interest 1 2 1
        Percent Personal Interest 3.0% 5.6% 3.1%
        Other 0 1 0
        Percent Other 0.0% 2.8% 0.0%
        When Employment was Obtained

        2018 2019 2020
        Number of When Employment Obtained Responses 23 26 23
        Before Enrollment 2 3 2
        Percent Before Enrollment 8.7% 11.5% 8.7%
        While Attending the College 5 5 2
        Percent While Attending the College 21.7% 19.2% 8.7%
        After Training at the College 16 18 19
        Percent After Training at the College 69.6% 69.2% 82.6%
        Location of Employment (related and unrelated)

        2018 2019 2020
        Number of Employment Location Responses 26 27 28
        In College District 23 21 24
        Percent In College District 88.5% 77.8% 85.7%
        In Wisconsin, Not in District 2 3 2
        Percent of In Wisconsin 7.7% 11.1% 7.1%
        Outside of Wisconsin 0 1 1
        Percent Outside Wisconsin 0.0% 3.7% 3.6%
        Employer Location Unknown 1 2 1
        Percent Location Unknown 3.8% 7.4% 3.6%
        Salary Trend
        Salary Trend 2018 2019 2020
        Full Time Employment (Related Job) Full Time Salary Count 12 14 16
        Average Monthly Wage $2,560 $2,627 $2,966
        Average Hourly Wage $14.88 $15.27 $17.24
        Average Work Hours per Week 38.0 39.9 38.2
        Part Time Employment (Related Job) Part Time Salary Count 9 6 4
        Average Hourly Wage $16.56 $16.00 $15.75
        Average Work Hours per Week 27.4 26.0 30.0
      • Graduate Employers

        Graduate Employers for academic year: 2020
        Employer(s) Job Title City* State** Positions
        1st Choice Dental Dental Assistant
        Access Community Health Center Dental Assistant
        Aspen Dental Dental Assistant Chicago IL
        Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center Surgical Technologist
        Children's Dental Center Dental Assistant 3
        Family Dental Care Of Fitchburg Dental Assistant Fitchburg
        Family Health La Clinica Dental Assistant Beaver Dam
        First Choice Dental Group Orthodontic Assistant Sun Prairie
        Madison No Fear Dentistry Dental Assistant 2
        Midwest Dental Dental Assistant Cross Plains
        Midwest Dental Periodontal Screening and Recording Lead
        Oak Park Dental Dental Assistant Platteville
        Orthodontic Specialists of Madison Orthodontic Assistant 2
        Prairie Grove Orthodontics Dental Assistant
        Rock River Community Dental Clinic Dental Assistant Fort Atkinson

        * - Only cities outside of Madison will display.

        ** - Only states outside of Wisconsin will display.

        *** - If you have a position to post, please contact Career and Employment Services at jobpostings@madisoncollege.edu

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