Madison College District Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Madison College District Board conducts their business meeting on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in room D1630B at the Truax Campus, 1701 Wright Street, Madison. Board meetings are conducted at other college campuses twice each year.

District Board Agendas and Minutes

This site contains meeting agendas and supporting documents of Madison Area Technical College District Board meetings from the past two years. If you have questions or require access to board agendas prior to what is below, please contact Kristin Rolling in the Madison College President's Office at (608) 246-6677.

Agenda Item Requests

Requests for items to be placed on District Board agendas should be submitted to the Board Chair at least two weeks prior to the meeting. The District Board agenda is typically finalized about one week prior to the meeting. The Board Chair reserves the right to approve or deny any requests for items to be placed on the agenda, and determine when any such approved requests will be placed on the agenda.

Public Comments During Meetings

Individuals wishing to speak during "Public Comments" during a regularly scheduled business meeting must register at the meeting on a sign-in sheet prior to the start of the meeting. No individual may speak more than once to an issue or for a period longer than three minutes (subject to adjustment at the discretion of the Board Chair). The District Board reserves the right to limit the total amount of time during which public comment will be heard at any given meeting.