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Child Care Services
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Technical Diploma
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Education and Social Sciences
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30 Credits | Finish training in as little as 1 year (programs vary)
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  • Program Overview

    The Child Care Services technical diploma from Madison College prepares you to work as a teacher-caregiver in early childhood settings. It combines hands-on fieldwork in area centers with related academic work at the college. Graduates are prepared to assist in the care and education of children in the birth-to-6-years age range. You will create and maintain safe and healthy play environments, guide behavior, plan and implement learning activities, and work cooperatively with staff and parents. 

    Following completion of the Child Care Services technical diploma, you may transfer directly into the Associate Degree of Early Childhood Education as the courses in this technical diploma are part of the Applied Associate ECE degree.

    Upon admission to the program, you will complete a background and criminal history check form and submit it to the program director. Look for this form in your student email.  Information obtained from the background may affect your ability to secure a practicum placement.

    Prior to taking ECE: Introductory Practicum, you must show evidence of a physical examination including TB test using the State of Wisconsin Department of Children and Families Staff Health Report - Child Care Provider Form (external pdf) .

    Travel to fieldwork sites is necessary and is your responsibility.

    Some courses in the program involve preparation of learning materials, field trips, etc. that may involve additional expenses.

    To learn how your experience could count toward your degree contact us.

    Program Details

    Students in the Childcare Services Program may attend full or part time.

    Child Care Services courses may be offered at these Madison College campuses:

    • Madison - South
    • Online


    Earning your diploma in the Child Care Services program at Madison Area Technical College prepares you for valuable work as:

    • Child Care Teachers
      Work in full-day and part-day child care programs, nursery schools and Head Start programs.
    • Child Care Assistant Teachers
      Work under the supervision of a child care teacher.
    • Family Child Care Providers
      Care for eight children or less in provider's home.
    • Infant or Toddler Caregivers
      Care for children under two years of age.
    • In-home Providers/Nannies
      Provide care in the child's home.
    • Early Childhood Educational Assistants
      Work in district approved early childhood programs, and four-years-old kindergarten programs.
    • Early Childhood Special Needs Assistants
      Work in district approved early childhood programs, and four-years-old kindergarten programs.

  • Curriculum and Experience

    Prospective program students, the information below reflects the basic requirements for students admitted for the 2021-2022 academic year. To learn more about Madison College, visit us.

    Current and newly admitted program students, go directly to your Degree Progress Report to view:

    • Progress toward your specific requirements
    • Alternative (in lieu of) courses to meet specific requirements

    If you have questions after reviewing your degree progress report (advisement report), please see Advising Services.

    First Semester
    Second Semester
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
    3 credits
  • Admission

    To Apply

    Earning a degree is a great way to advance your career development opportunities, so apply today!

    International students who wish to apply for, maintain, or transfer their F-1 student visa status to Madison College are required to complete the International Admission Process.

    Note: It is recommended to only apply for a semester that has already started if you are currently enrolled in classes or you have verified that classes are still available for that semester.

    Spring 2022 Application Dates

    • Application open
    • Application completion deadline is April 15, 2022

    Fall 2022 Application Dates

    • Application open
    • Application completion deadline is November 15, 2022

    Spring 2023 Application Dates

    • Application available on February 1, 2022
    • Application completion deadline is April 15, 2023

    1. Admission Application

    The online application allows you to save your work as you complete it and ensures fast, secure delivery to our office.

    2. Education Completion
    Graduation from high school, completion of GED/HSED/GED02, or completion of an associate degree or higher is required; submit official transcripts for one of the following:

    • High school or charter school transcript (current high school seniors may submit an in-progress transcript) or GED02 transcript
    • GED/HSED score report
    • College transcript showing an associate degree or higher

    3. Residency Requirement
    Based on historical trends at Madison College a waitlist is not expected to form for these programs. Therefore all applicants, regardless of residency status, are eligible for application review.

    Learn more about residency determination and program availability.

    Additional Notes

    Course prerequisites differ from admission requirements; admission into a program does not guarantee eligibility to enroll in courses or success in the program. Refer to program curriculum for details.

    After Acceptance

    Once you are admitted into your program, review the Start of Semester Checklist to prepare for your first day of classes at Madison College. 


    Contact the Enrollment Center at or 608.246.6210.

  • Career Outcomes

    Madison College Childcare Services graduates are prepared to:

    • Apply child development theory to practice.
    • Cultivate relationships with children, family and the community.
    • Assess child growth and development.
    • Use best practices in teaching and learning.
    • Demonstrate professionalism.
    • Integrate health, safety, and nutrition practices.
    • Graduate Summary

      Graduate Report Summary Overview

      2018 2019 2020
      Number of Program Graduates 27 31 17
      Number of Surveys Sent 21 31 15
      Number of Surveys Returned 16 23 5
      Percent of Surveys Returned
      Available for Employment 7 15 5
      Percent Available for Employment 100.0% 93.8% 100.0%
      Not in Labor Market 9 7 0
      Percent Not in Labor Market 128.6% 43.8% 0.0%
      Available for Employment

      2018 2019 2020
      Graduates Employed 7 14 5
      Percent of Graduates Employed 100.0% 93.3% 100.0%
      Employed in Related Occupation 5 12 3
      Percent Employed in Related Occupation 71.4% 85.7% 60.0%
      Employed in Unrelated Occupation 2 1 2
      Percent Employed in Unrelated Occupation 28.6% 7.1% 40.0%
      Employed - No Response 0 1 0
      Percent Employed - No Response 0.0% 7.1% 0.0%
      Seeking Employment 0 1 0
      Percent Seeking Employment 0.0% 6.7% 0.0%
      Reaction To Training at Madison College

      2018 2019 2020
      Student satisfaction Mean (Out of 4) 3 3.6 3.4
      Number of Satisfaction Responses 7 15 5
      Very Satisfied (4) 2 9 2
      Percent Very Satisfied 28.6% 60.0% 40.0%
      Satisfied (3) 4 6 3
      Percent Satisfied 57.1% 40.0% 60.0%
      Unsatisfied (2) 0 0 0
      Percent Unsatisfied 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
      Very Unsatisfed (1) 1 0 0
      Percent Very Unsatisfied 14.3% 0.0% 0.0%
      Primary Reason for Attending Madison College

      2018 2019 2020
      Number of Primary Reason Responses 16 22 5
      Preparation for Getting a Job 2 3 2
      Percent Preparation for Getting a Job 12.5% 13.6% 40.0%
      Career Change 0 1 1
      Percent Career Change 0.0% 4.5% 20.0%
      Improvement of Existing Skills 1 1 1
      Percent Improvement of Existing Skills 6.3% 4.5% 20.0%
      Preparation for Further Education 12 14 1
      Percent Preparation for Further Education 75.0% 63.6% 20.0%
      Personal Interest 1 2 0
      Percent Personal Interest 6.3% 9.1% 0.0%
      Other 0 1 0
      Percent Other 0.0% 4.5% 0.0%
      When Employment was Obtained

      2018 2019 2020
      Number of When Employment Obtained Responses 6 13 4
      Before Enrollment 2 7 3
      Percent Before Enrollment 33.3% 53.8% 75.0%
      While Attending the College 4 6 0
      Percent While Attending the College 66.7% 46.2% 0.0%
      After Training at the College 0 0 1
      Percent After Training at the College 0.0% 0.0% 25.0%
      Location of Employment (related and unrelated)

      2018 2019 2020
      Number of Employment Location Responses 7 15 5
      In College District 7 12 4
      Percent In College District 100.0% 80.0% 80.0%
      In Wisconsin, Not in District 0 1 1
      Percent of In Wisconsin 0.0% 6.7% 20.0%
      Outside of Wisconsin 0 0 0
      Percent Outside Wisconsin 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
      Employer Location Unknown 0 2 0
      Percent Location Unknown 0.0% 13.3% 0.0%
      Salary Trend
      Salary Trend 2018 2019 2020
      Full Time Employment (Related Job) Full Time Salary Count 2 5 1
      Average Monthly Wage $1,895 $2,226 $2,460
      Average Hourly Wage $11.02 $12.94 $14.30
      Average Work Hours per Week 40.0 39.7 40.0
      Part Time Employment (Related Job) Part Time Salary Count 2 4 0
      Average Hourly Wage $13.63 $14.83
      Average Work Hours per Week 26.7 22.0 30.0
    • Graduate Employers

      Graduate Employers for academic year: 2020
      Employer(s) Job Title City* State** Positions
      Learning Ladder Assistant Teacher Cottage Grove

      * - Only cities outside of Madison will display.

      ** - Only states outside of Wisconsin will display.

      *** - If you have a position to post, please contact Career and Employment Services at

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