Dietary Manager Certification

You can take the necessary classes at Madison College to become certified as a Dietary Manager by the Association of Nutrition and Food Service Professionals. This program consists of five online courses or modules at a cost of $300 each. You must complete 150 hours (30 hours per course) of related supervised field experience at your place of employment under the supervision of a preceptor. You are responsible for identifying your preceptor from the facility in which you are employed. You might also be interested in Wellness Counseling.


To apply to this program, complete steps below.  You may direct any questions to our program director, Michael Braun, MS, RD, at (link sends e-mail) or (608) 246-6313. 

  1. Complete the Student Application for Admission (DM program).
  2. Ask your preceptor to complete the Preceptor's Agreement form.
  3. Ask your employer, administrator or dietitian to complete the Recommendation Form.
  4. Ask your your facility's administrator or manager to complete the Food Service Facility Agreement.
  5. Upon approval of your application, create a new student account if you have not taken classes here before and register for your Continuing Education courses. For registration assistance, call us at (608) 258-2301, menu option 2, or toll-free (855) 473-2301.
  6. Online courses will be available under the Blackboard link on our home page as of the first day of the course. See Blackboard Help for additional information.

There are currently no application fees required to apply for this program and out-of-state students may take these online courses with no additional out-of-state tuition.These courses are part of our Digital Learning Badge Program.


Food Service Management 1

This course reviews food service management principles including purchasing, standardized recipes, cost controls, budgeting, menu development, production sheets and more.

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Food Service Management 2

This course reviews food service management principles including leadership, communications, emergency planning and personnel issues. Successful completion of "Food Service Management 1" is required.

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General Nutrition

This course covers basic nutrition principles and practices including process of digestion and absorption, sources and functions of nutrients, and nutritional needs during the life cycle and nutritional habits. Learn about making wise nutrition choices and the role of nutrition in optimal health. Additional topics include how to determine individual caloric and nutrition needs and current food issues. You will be able to assess your own nutritional health.

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Medical Nutrition Therapy 1

This course reviews the medically prescribed diets needed for specific disorders and diseases. We wil examine the specific diets for certain medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. Nutritional assessment techniques are introduced to evaluate dietary changes needed to manage disease processes. Successful completion of "General Nutrition" required.

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Going Green in Food Service

This class will review recycling and waste management, energy efficiency, water conservation, composting, green cleaning products, sustainable food purchasing practices, use of organic antibiotic-free, bovine growth hormone-free foods and review of sample food service sustainable practices. This course will allow food service personnel (Dietary Managers) to consider the options to sustainability that can be implemented in their food service operation. This course can be taken as part of the Dietary Manager certificate or as a stand-alone class.

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Textbook information

General Nutrition:

Fundamentals of Nutrition and Medical Nutrition Therapy by Julie Zikmund, ANFP (Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals), 406 Surrey Woods Drive, St. Charles, IL 60174, or (800) 323-1908

Food Service Management 1 and 2:

The new book is Foodservice Management by Design. It can be ordered from The telephone number is (800) 323-1908.  The school code # is 490601.

Medical Nutrition Therapy:

Nutrition Fundamentals and Medical Nutrition Therapy, Zikmund. It can be ordered from The telephone number is (800) 323-1908. The school code # is 490601.

Going Green in Food Service:

Going Green in Food Service (ebook)